Get a FREE watch or £10 voucher!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CloseBrothersMilServices, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. I have to work for twenty minutes to "win" a civvy type military watch?

    Personally I prefer to shop at G10 for men, a.k.a the QM's department and sign out the real deal for free.

    As for the NAAFI voucher that would almost get me a Ginsters and a Razzle. Cracking deal you've got going there fella!
  2. Geordie, you're very lucky to earn more than £30 an hour - I must be in the wrong business!

    I've just signed up to this - it is actually genuine, only took me just over 10 minutes so it's worth doing for the freebies.
  3. I've done it as well. Remember these folks are site sponsors, so 10 minutes of your time is very much in a 'good cause'.


    D_D (wearing his Moderator hat)
  4. We were asked to supply the watches for this survey, all I can say is that we have sold over 2000 Terrain watches with only 3 issues. They are excellent value, waterproof to 50m and have washable velcro straps.

    If you do not like the two models on offer then visit our store - and choose from one of the other Terrain models we sell. If its OK with the survey organiser I will honour any choice you make provided it is filtered through the sponsor doing the survey.
  5. Thanks for the reply and the link M W.

  6. No problem, take part in the other Sponsors survey and get your watch, you can always choose a kids one - 970L or 973L and put it away for an xmas present for someone