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Get a free trial duvet jacket worth £89.95, just in time for winter!

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EDIT: Closed for the moment as the inbox is full! Thanks for the interest and we'll reply to those that wrote in shortly.

At This Tribe we've been busy with the development and production of a duvet jacket, the Kosa 3. It's a lightweight 3 season jacket which is both stylish and practical, with a particular focus on the UK military market. We want this to be the jacket that goes in every kit bag as it is equally at home under a field jacket at work or with jeans during R&R or on a night off.

The Kosa uses a custom mixed synthetic and down fill, we've christened Multitherm, which is warm when wet, unlike pure down, but has much of the loft and stiffness of down. The shell is a tough but lightweight matt black nylon, with a DWR treatment (durable water repellent). We've added large zip pull tags for use with gloves, and not used velcro on the wrists so that it doesn't stick to a field or other jacket.


Our first limited production jackets are here and we would like feedback and reviews, so are giving them away for testers. We are looking for a mix of men of different ages who would:

- genuinely like a Kosa on the merits I've described above
- normally consider spending £89.95 on the right jacket (please be honest and don't just go for a freebee for the sake of it!)

We don't mind about the use you have in mind - it can be dog walking, going on exercise to Wales, going to the pub, apres ski or mountaineering, or all or none of the above.

We don't need full reviews in return, although they are welcome if you feel enthusiastic. What we do need is reasonably quick and complete feedback (within 2 weeks of receipt) and a fair test, so worn regularly enough to form a good informed opinion about what's good or not so good, whether it offers good value and most importantly whether you would recommend one to a friend, and for what use.

The full product information pack for the Kosa is here for those interested.

Kosa media pack

We have 9 mens jackets to give away. If you would like one please email sales@thistribe.com with a very brief description of what you do and what you would use the jacket for and your size (see sizing notes below). If we think that's appropriate and helps give us a mix of people then you'll get one on a first come first served basis and we'll email you back with a 100% discount code to enable you to order a free Kosa from ThisTribe.com.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you!

Sizing note: The Kosa is a slim tailored fit. If you pack a few muscles or carry some excess, or want to have room for jumpers and so on underneath rather than a base layer, please ask for a size larger than normal.

(an aside for those who were interested in investing in This Tribe in this thread. We will send out an update to the mailing list in the next few days)


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I'd have gone for this but Ms Skid walks the dog and the weather is looking grim out there. Still she's content in her grandfathers flying column donkey jacket and street fighting doc martens. (XL)?
Thanks for the comments and emails. I'll call a halt to this for the moment as otherwise I'll spend all afternoon answering emails. Once I've been through all the requests so far I'll post here about whether the nine have been found or not. I think it's highly likely that they will have been.

Sorry those that missed the boat (probably)!


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Just received a conformation that I'm one of the lucky ones.

Well chuffed. It looks like a nice piece of kit.

We'll see how it fares up Blencathra next week.

Just received a conformation that I'm one of the lucky ones.

Well chuffed. It looks like a nice piece of kit.

We'll see how it fares up Blencathra next week.

Me too! although not the Blencathra bit .... ! Many thanks to The Tribe ... review inbound. Wait. Out


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I can confirm that it is not a scam, as I got an email just now saying I was one of the lucky ones too. Cheers This Tribe, looking forward to trying it out!


I didn't get one so I'm going to keep myself warm at night by kicking badgers, burning kittens and going to The Traf and calling all the old guys wearing pink shirts hats.

This Tribe

Thanks to all you who volunteered for this arduous task but with nearly 50 entries it wasn't going to be possible to give one to everyone. In the end we picked 10 guys who we think cover the spectrum of possible uses for this jacket. We'll be very interested to hear the feedback which, knowing ARRSE, will be be delivered without hurting our feelings ......

The best we could do for those who weren't selected was to offer a hefty discount if they wanted to buy one. For everyone else - don't forget that the discount code of 'ARRSE' gives you 10% off!
Cheers for the discount, although it would have been nice if the offer lasted for longer than it would take for the reviews to come back!
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