Get a fcuking grip............. please!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. What the fcuk is going on?

    Whats happened to the NAAFI bar..... I know I am a grumpy old cnut (apparently) that every now and again has a gripe about the state of the NAAFI and demands death to dullness and an end to all things pants but come on.

    Over the past two months the place has taken a downward spiral I now think its beyond repair.

    Seems the walts, dullards and trolls have won and those who enjoyed the NAAFI for what it was have dwindled into the background and drowned in a sea of timewasting bone posters.

    I've just read back through five pages of threads and posts and never laughed once......... Thats absolutley criminal.

    I'm probably in the minority now and this will fall on deaf ears but for fcuks sake get a grip...... This is supposed to be a military based forum, a place for like minded people to be offensive and banter with each other. It used to be like that, am I wasting my time?

    Do me a favour, if you've been a member for less than a month with over 100 posts to your credit, don't respond
  2. I've noticed loads of posts all over the place and not just in the NAAFI from one comment users. One dull post and nothing else. A virus?
  3. More like a cancer......

    Slowly eroded and infected the place before killing it off completely
  4. The true hardliners will stay. The civvies and non entitled will get bored and poke off somewhere else.

    To all you dullards, trolls, newbies with more posts per day than they've been a member; YOU ARE BEING WATCHED. CONTRIBUTE SOMETHING FUNNY AND WORTHWHILE. IF NOT, YOU WONT SEE MUCH OF YOUR POSTS.


  5. I asked a similar question in the NAAFI a couple of days ago.

    ARRSE has evolved into what it is now.

    IMO ARRSE used to be mainly Serving or Ex Military as it's grown and become more popular and known about it has had more and more non military joining.... diluting the pool. Before if you posted anywhere in any forum it would be answered by someone with similar experiences, not any more.

    In effect "Tribe Squaddie" has become diversified and multicultural as the PC crowd would say.

    I'm not slagging the 2 CO's off in any way, it was and is a unique place and pretty f*cking good. But it isn't IMO tribe squaddie anymore whether thats good or a bad thing is up to the individual.

    I/You just have to stick it out and wait for the wasters to f*ck off.
  6. We do know our own though and as in the real world, we stick together and are wary of new bods into the fold. On here its made easier because the 'outsiders' show themselves within the first couple of posts. Either a tit or a useful member.
  7. Yeah ok, maybe the dullards and time wasters will grow tired and leave..... however the true funny posters are all but gone...

    Are we fighting a losing battle? Is it really going ever go back to the way it was? The more popular and more widely used arrse becomes the more trolls and dullards its likely to attract.

    To me the NAAFI at the minute reminds me of a Recruiting stand at a game fayre / civvy venue....... A few good eggs sat round takign the p1ss and chewing the sh1t and a whole load of wannabe outsiders trying to get in on the joke and latch onto something they just don't get.

    Really all the blokes on the stand want to do it wade into the dullards with shovels and swear words, but they can't because thier hands are tied.

    If the majority don't want the NAAFI to be how it was maybe I should wind in my neck and accept that I'm outnumbered, take it on the chin and shut up... Is that the way it is?

    At the moment the NAAFI is a big box of embarrassing Spunk, people all over the globe who have been skiffed or stitched up or been got up the duff by scheming squaddies are cringing at the fluffy bunch of wet dull balls thats being posted in the NAAFI at the minute...
  8. The dull c*nts don't know what a NAAFI is, have never been in one nor ever will.
  9. I tend not to post in the NAAFI - I haven't (yet) been skiffed/grandsdlammed/woken up in a skip/next to a moonhead with a hangover/or swamped myself at a wedding. And I haven't been on here too long. But there's no doubting its taken a dive - the mong thread in particular seemed to be the essence of the place, and there hasn't been anything of that calibre for ages. To youse old and bold, the voice of a young pup may mean rock all, but it's up to you 'pros' to get it fired up again. Something offensive, morally repugnant and physically disgusting usually does the trick...
  10. Part of the problem in here is (IMHO) threads like "Finish the sentence" and similar.

    They invite dullards to post without thinking and clog up the NAAFI with generally dull comments from dull people. There are some good posts in there but I can't be bothered to sift through all the crap that goes with it.

    They bore me to tears and I have been finding myself just clicking on the "mark all posts read" button just to get rid of them.

    When I first discovered ARRSE I lurked for a long time before my first post because I was actually quite scared of MDN, Biscuits_AB and a couple of others. Also I think it isn't polite to just barge in to the middle of a group of people and start shouting!

    There are a lot of dullards on here, but there is still the genius of RTFQ, the insults and general debauchery of MDN, the abuse that Biscuits still hurls out and the complete lack of tolerance for fools that Flashy displays.


    While these (and some others) remain, I and many others will still enjoy the NAAFI.
  11. I think Fat Bloke has summed it up, and may I also say that I think he's a snivelling arrsy bumlicker who clearly wants nothing more than to be made airtight by Flash, MDN, Bickies (and some others).

    To$$er. :D
  12. Go on, you know you want to Tubbs :wink:

    I am waiting, as I type, for Aunty Stella to "Finish the thread" :wink:

    Now THAT would be funny for sure :lol: :lol:

    Added: you would say that wouldnt you Darth :wink:
  13. But especially you :wink:

    Sorry if I left anyone out, but gin is not too good for the memory! :D
  14. Tubby, you make a good point mate, the idea isn't to frighten and intimidate people, however thinking back to when i joined my unit in Germany i sat in the corner and waited to be included instead of wading in and being branded a gobby nig.

    Those that follow those rules and general forces etiquette tend to thrive and rapidly become accepted into the ranks that form the old NAAFI bar.

    Those that gob off and spout shit on day one in the Army are generally not tolerated and are rapidly dealt with sadly, this being the internet its not possible and its more difficult to get rid of undesirables and trolls.....

    I can understand the attraction of a site like this to a passing browser, same as I understand why someone not from a forces background can enjoy a book like 'Don't cry for me Sgt Major' that doesn't automatically mean they feel they can lob on a bergan and storm up Mt Longdon.

    The NAAFI would be a far better place if posters would pause before pressing submit and thinking 'Is this amusing, will anyone laugh or benefit from reading this?' or 'By posting this am I contributing to the mass of dullness thats infecting these boards'
  15. Some of the entries in the Wiki are very, very funny so recently I've spent far more time in there. The NAAFI still has it's heroes but, yes, it is duller than last year but with intelligent filtering it's easy to find the good stuff. Thing is, with an harmy website, it ain't specific. Many people are interested in Things Green and even, God help 'em in Men Green so there always will be interest from silly types. Not a great deal that can be done, I should have thought, other than avoiding feeding them with any replies.

    In the mean time, I go to pprune so Stumpy Danny can inform me of MDN's latest attempts to £"$"£$%£"%

    08R EGKK