Get a fcuking grip NHS!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. A lonely death on the 'care' pathway: MPs demand action after another patient is chosen to die without doctors telling family | Mail Online

    So let's get this straight.

    They knew this lady was going to die, and imminently. And had removed the various tubes feeding her...

    And NO ONE saw fit to mention this to the family? Or even enquire why there was NO ONE by her bed.

    There is no need for a review.

    Chelsea and Westminster Hospital just need to do the following...

    1. Doctor decides that a patient is 'on the pathway'.

    2. THAT DOCTOR, no one else, informs the family or a member of staff whose sole task is informing relatives of what is going on.

    Once informed a sheet goes in to the patient notes, let's make it red paper, or black edged, with clear instructions of who, when and how was told. They could even sign it on their next visit, so that there is NO confusion.

    If we need to find money for such a member of staff then we either get rid of a manager or every manager in the hospital makes a £5 a day 'compassion' payment. Just by not having a review and printing of this post would probably fill the post for a year.

    Radical solution I know, but can't hospitals have a 'religious office'? Religious people, of all faiths in the area, on speed dial to help in such a situation?

    Perhaps on the understanding they will carry out the task no matter what the faith of the people involved? ie a Catholic would tell a Sikh family if no one else could be found and the situation warranted it.

    Isaiah (Old testamant) 6.8
    "... I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me."

    If it does go further and the family are not aware, then the doctor who signs off the 'pathway' gets their arrse pulled apart and an oxygen cylinder shoved in dry... and a 6 month doc of pay.

    I am sure there are others here who have been there at the end. It is reassuring to know you have time to talk, or just sit and hold their hands hoping that they are aware of their loved ones presence.
  2. Rabble, rabble, rabble.

    Will wait for the non Daily Mail version if that's ok.
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  3. Yes, every time an overworked doctor makes a mistake they should take half of their c. £25k pay, that's a great idea and it'll reduce pressure on them. That's what first-year doctors earn. A mate of mine is at that stage and he is telling me that quite simply patients are dying for lack of money. Not millions on some experimental cancer drug, but preventable deaths from staff shortages and exhaustion leading to mistakes. Only a shit few give up, the rest really feel it.

    I really hope Cameron, Clegg and all the other ***** get theirs because they are the ones who have****ed up the cuts. Not B lair, not Brown, them.
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  4. I am surprised she is coming all the way to UK for treatment (purely on distance), but it is also worth noting that the Pakistani government is picking up the bill.

    It could be to get her right out of the country, even in UAE there could be crackpots wanting to get her.
  5. Que are own crackpots protesting outside but they cant accesss weaponary easily and can all be safely jailed.
    On the grounds they offended someone*

    *sometimes having no freedom of speach isnt a bad thing.
  6. 1. 'next of kin' has no legal definition or powers.
    2. making a DNAR or putting someone on the LCP is a multi disciplinary decision
    3. have any of you criticising it's use seen what happens when futile treatment is continued ?
    4. do you really want US style 'cabbage patches' in nursing homes where people are ventilated and tube fed just to appease the guilt of their families ?
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  7. Paying her bill using the money we give them in the first place,oh well that's life.
  8. Saves on postage.
  9. Thats a bit mean!

    Do you REALLY begrudge a 14 year old child, medical treatment. Just because she came from Pakistan?

    Shame on you!
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  10. I don't disagree with letting people go with dignity and reducing their suffering. I've seen it. On both occaisions ALL available family members were by the bed.
  11. Do **** off you stupid ****. What cuts? Government spending has increased since the election. Significantly. Knob.

    Though the suggestion that doctors should be stripped of 6 months salary is also a completely fuckwitted one. Why do these stories make the news (or at least the Daily Mail)? Because they are the exceptions, not the norm. By all means have a word with the people involved and maybe some further training is in order, and if repeated then possibly some disciplinary action should be taken.
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  12. Read again his original reply, you will then realise that YOU are the chomper.

    You **** chomper.
  13. I fear the OP is hoping beyond hope and we're stuck with what we have. Would love to contribute to a thread with mature comment and considered opinions, minus the yah boo sucks to you fatty, bits. Let me know if anyone finds one, yeah?