Gerschler Fartlek

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by soldiertobe, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. I've read a few people have been struggling to make progress with their "Fartlek" training. Now I'm no expert or fitness advisor but I thought some of you might be interested in the fartlek I do every other day with clear results in my fitness.

    I have put this on a thread somewhere but thought it'd merit a new topic!?

    I have been unable to train properly for 4 weeks because of injury and now have 3 weeks to go before my training. In terms of my fitness I had some catching up to do as the time out added a scary 30 secs to my 1.5 mile time.

    Now, I can feel myself getting fitter with the "Gerschler fartlek" I found online somewhere.

    I use my local footy pitch and run 1m30s followed by 30 secs striding hard (about 80% effort, not sprinting off like Linford) then a 1m 15s recovery jog repeat the hard stride for 30 secs every time and keep going by decreasing your recovery jog by 15 secs each time:

    1m30s jog - 30s - 1m15s recovery jog - 30s - 1m recovery jog - 30s - 45s recovery jog - 30s - 30s recovery jog - 30s - 15s recovery jog - 30s and repeat 2 or 3 circuits starting back at 1m 30s recovery each time.

    Her indoors comes with me armed with stopwatch and whistle and off I go. I find it easier to motivate myself if someones there timing for me.

    I hope this helps some people? When I first started I found it murder but after just a week It made huge changes to my fitness. Since after my injury I was struggling with just one circuit but now I can do 2 with relative ease but haven't gone any further as I'm trying to train progressively.

    I do this three times a week eg: Mon, Weds, Fri and each week increase my circuits by one. If anyone tries this please let me know how you get on as I swear by it in terms of getting fit quick!!

  2. Why does everyone call it Fartlek. High Intensity Turbulance Training is a much cooler name. :roll:
  3. hey ye i want to get my fitness up rather quick and this sound like a good way of doing it. do you run around the pitch or end to end? or doesn't it matter? i got my selection in under 3 weeks so i want to turn up and impress.
  5. That's not fartleck, that's interval training since you're timing it etc. Fartleck is untimed, unmeasured distance run 'as you feel' with recoveries 'as you require'. Fartleck is run at pace and effort as you feel too.

    Secondly, if you are unable to run due to injury and training is looming don't be a wuss and make excuses. Get your cardio from all sorts of machines and excercises and get some upper body work done. There's no reason to lounge on the sofa because of some stupid niggle.
  6. It's not fartleck I know it's Fartlek! :roll:

    It is "Gerschler Fartlek" I'm sure a google would beg to differ with you.

    I find it funny that you can sit infront of your computer and make dramatic assumptions about me and my preparation and probably other people you've tried to make a spectacle of on the forum with your impressive but borderline obsessive post count.

    Off course I've sat on the sofa for the past four weeks whilst injured with training looming!! Off course I've used it as an excuse that I've lost some fitness. Off course I've neglected my upper body etc! FFS I'm 27 with 2 kids I don't need to make excuses for anything or to anyone, I can prepare as effectively as the next man with or without an injury!!
  7. Hey... i use fartlek rather than just plain old boring running, it gives a bit more variation.

    My advice would be to run as far as you can..... and for each 20 metres (lampost to lampost) vary between running, sprinting, and jogging.

    So 1st 20m run, 2nd 20m sprint, 3rd 20m jog (a slow jog is the recovery time)

    As you progress u can change the training to be more intense or just whatever suits you. Fartlek training is made to suit the individual, u will know what works best for ur body... but u still need to work at ur maximum. 80-100% and also work until u physically cant do anymore. This kind of trainin really does improve cardio endurance, but only if you push it.

    Remember... u will need a good warmup before hand, and warm down afterwards. Maintains strength and suppleness in ur muscles.
  8. hey ye i tried this yesterday down my local footie pitch unfortunately i got no one to time me so i have to time myself on a stopwatch :p i did 2 circuits it was good, hard but good, u get tired rather quickly. il be doing it again tomorrow. thanks :D
  9. Good stuff mate.

    Pleased it's helping someone!! It's ok timing yourself, it's just a pain when trying to concentrate on regulating your breathing especially through the shorter recovery jogs!

    I went for 3 circuits last night and came away a little wobbly on the legs :lol: The heat last night was a little dry on the throat :!:
  10. ye it was hot here today again so i went out down the field again, and then i got could in athunder storm so i sprant back to the house lmao :p
  11. Oh dear.... :roll: