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  1. what a result for the blue half of glasgow today.

    listened to it on the radio & sounded a real "old firm" battle.

    early days in the season but bragging rights a plenty until the next match.

  2. would have took you for more of a celtic fan knocker
  3. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Early days knocker, but the scummers deserved the win.

    9 bookings for the Celts, I can see a big fine coming........ :(
  5. as i said only heard match on the radio BUT there seemed to be an almighty stramash at the end which accounted for a few of the bookings dished out.

    i agree they will probably be hauled before the SFA for it.
  6. There were some handbags at the end but what do you expect in an Old Firm Derby?
  7. lets hope that they both can do something in europe this week now to keep up the good start they have had.
  8. Agreed mate :bounce:
  9. just read about boruc refusing to shake hands at the end of the match with the gers players.

    what a sulky cnut, i see he has taken on lennon's mantle.

    hope mcmanus is not too badly injured, a good centre half.