Gerry, Martin & Martin Resign from IRA Council...

Perhaps they have been offered non-executive directorships on the board of Al Qa'aeda?? After all seasoned terrorists like these fellas must realise that the IRA is now nothing more than an organised crime syndicate, with no more romanticism than the chavs who hang around most british town they'll be looking for a fresh challenge!
So the tip of the iceberg just melted.....

It's taken an awful long time, but maybe, just maybe, the problem might just be starting to resolve itself.

IMHO....good, and about time.
Maybe it was this very small and very much overdue event that led B Liar to be so positive about terrorism yesterday. That was also too little too late.
Perhaps they've done it so that they can give $1000 a plate dinner speeches in the US about how they've managed to get the US to fund terrorism for the last 30 years?
If this is true and comes about then I suspect there will be someone behind them who does not want it and will slot them and we can all dance a jig on their graves.
How true. Traditionally when Irish nationalists get pizzed with each other slotting is order of the day.
Not much of a doncer but I'll take a wet or three on that day.

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