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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Oct 1, 2004.

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  1. Gerry Adams, the well loved leader of the muslims, sorry I mean Sinn Fein appeared on Al Jazeera TV to appeal for the release of Ken Bigley, Gerry Adams said (I kid you not) "Those holding Mr Bigley would better achieve their aims by showing mercy".......

    So Gerry, you mean showing mercy like the IRA scum ?
  2. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Below is a list of the victims of Warrenpoint........ is this an example of Gerry Adams mercy?

    MacLEOD - Lance Corporal Victor - 27th August 1979 - Aged 24 - Queen's own Highlanders

    BLAIR - Lieutenant Colonel David - 27th August 1979 - Aged 40 - Queen's own Highlanders - Married with two children

    ANDREWS - Corporal Nicholas J. - 27th August 1979 - Aged 24 (2 Para) Married

    BARNES - Private Gary I. - 27th August 1979 - Aged 18 (2 Para) Single

    DUNN - Private Raymond - 27th August 1979 - Aged 20 (2 Para) Single

    WOOD - Private Anthony G. - 27th August 1979 - Aged 19 (2 Para) Single

    WOODS - Private Michael - 27th August 1979 - Aged 18 (2 Para) Single

    GILES - Corporal John C. - 27th August 1979 - Aged 22 (2 Para) Married

    ROGERS - Sergeant Ian A. - 27th August 1979 - Aged 31 (2 Para) Married

    BEARD - Warrant Officer Walter - 27th August 1979 - Aged 31 (2 Para)

    VANCE - Private Thomas R. - 27th August 1979 - Aged 23 (2 Para)

    ENGLAND - Private Robert N. - 27th August 1979 - Aged 23 (2 Para) Married with one child

    JONES - Private Jeffrey A. - 27th August 1979 - Aged 18 (2 Para)

    JONES - Corporal Leonard - 27th August 1979 - Aged 26 (2 Para) Married with one child 18 month old daughter

    JONES - Private Robert D.V. - 27th August 1979 - Aged 18 (Para) Single

    IRELAND - Lance Corporal Chris G. - 27th August 1979 - Aged 25 (2 Para) Married with one child

    FURSMAN - Officer Peter - 27th August 1979 - Aged 35 (Para)

    BLAIR - Private Donald F. - 27th August 1979 - Aged 23 (2 Para)
  3. Have they found Captain Nairac's body yet?
  4. or all those "disappeared" touts , yes , very merciful.
  5. Just goes to prove the toothy, two-faced terrorist cnut has completed the conversion to politician status. Still, we'll always have Bloody Sunday. "We shot one, we shot two.......we shot 13 more than you." 8)
  6. I seem to remember a few years ago some IRA spokeman saying his body had been put through a meat processing plant.... true or not, who knows.
  7. Would Jerry be asking for mercy if it was a Brit Solidier that was held hostage? This Cnut thrives on controversial publicity.

    I wouldnt be suprised if Blair had asked him to do the appeal, in the "you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours" relationship that they have.... "Gerry remember all your murdering scum pals i set free not so long back... i need a favour and think you may be able to relate"

    I live for the day this evil cnut meets his maker.
  8. I live for the day this evil cnut meets his maker.

    Yeh me too.
  9. I will be first in line to give him the 9mm invite to join Belezebub.
  10. I think Mr Satan esq would actually fill him in for being the worlds biggest cnut too.

    I rue the day I had this fecker in my SUIT sight and a clear shot. No lawyers or human rights bollox then. Curse my moral judgment that a small baby would have got a slice of 7.62mm too. (Its prob grown up to be a malodious waste of oxygen too. It was 1980's Ballymurphy after all).

    In recent times, I had the opportunity to throw 5 tonnes of Westlands finest on his Mondeo GLX. Would have been worth the board of enquiry.
  11. Please, please let's not get everyone thinking that our Gerry is the worst thing that ever walked the face of this planet.

    " Beardy the Bomber" as you brits used to call him.
    Now only the beard remains, the Citizen Smith beret, Elvis Costello specs and readings of Guevarra cast aside long ago.

    He has as been living quite comfortably thanks, persuing a political line for at least 25 years.

    A liar? yes,
    a hypocrite? yes
    an autocrat who is basking in his own posotion of power? yes
    A "leader" who can not command the support and respect of the majority of his party? yes,
    someone who is prospering on the back of other's misery? yes
    someone who has been prepared to sanction unconstitutional, systematic use of force against a civilian population? yes?

    Well thats described both him and Colonel Collins's " Islington Lawyers" then!

    But also: someone who could not tolerate the British system, but continued to sponge off it, ( like most of the 'RA's northern command)? yes

    But don't make Adams the scpaegoat for everything, sadly there are far more unscrupulous, cowardly, psychopaths out there than him.

    Many of whom were released as a result of the Good Friday agreement.
    Many of whom were originally imprisoned as a result of the work that cost some informants their lives.

    We don't have any gongs to wear, but will not forget, particularly those who were given certain assurances by the other Honourable Member.

    We haven't gone away either :evil:

  12. Yeah.............Mr Martin McGuinness is even worse!

  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Stick_Knave, please excuse my use of bold on your post, but who exactly do you mean by 'We' ?