Gerry Adams writing cookbook

Sadly, he'll not be doing porridge.
This cookbook is apparently co-written with Padraig Wilson. A less-likely chef is improbable; I'd rather read a cookbook written by Ian Brady or Peter Sutcliffe, both responsible for fewer deaths.
There you go. With a single post, you have bought a thread back down to earth with a bump. By reminded people, of just how much blood, the odious tout, Adams, has on his hands.

Doffs hat.
......step 9 add the herbs, spices and stock and put in oven heated to 180degrees centigrade.

step 10 Set timer, drive off and phone in coded warning from safe distance.
BTW just noticed Im on ROPS? What does this mean and does it affect my future employment opportunities???
That you've pissed off one of the mods.
It happens to the best of us.
Think of it as nothing more than being marched off of the parade ground and jailed.
He's colourising his tawdry life. Just wait for his love of cricket on Bundoran strands and other places where sand and beach places can be described and woven into a media sound piece.
He's a murdering fcuk and whatever the politics of the day we shouldn't forget that.

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