Gerry Adams writing cookbook

Having checked that it is not, in fact, April 1st I bring you news that the nation's favourite (alleged) terrorist is turning his hand to cookery. The expected title is 'The Negotiator’s Cookbook' (note...that is 'negotiator' not 'anarchist'). Adams said the book would contain recipes that kept negotiators going through the peace process talks in 1997 and 1998.

5/1 says that the recipe for Bombe glacée is not included

Good fryday: former Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams writing cookbook
Fois Grass followed by a choice of On-the-blanquette du Saumon or Chicken Provo-ncal.
Will he include any of his friend Bobby Sands recipies?


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All part of his "image" campaign. It is a look-at-me I am normal not a murdering, thieving, treasonous scumbag who would sell his granny to promote the 'Cause' !

I can almost guarantee that there will be no recipe for Humble Pie included!


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Will he include a Ulster Fry?

Or will ne have to be renamed?
Reminds me of the scene in Diamonds Are Forever where the two gay boys try to give Bond a bomb surprise . Adams will hopefully be leaving with his tail between his legs
Will he include any of his friend Bobby Sands recipies?
Aye. I'm sure that he does a good cheese burger recipe. Still, I'm sure that his book is bound to be a blast!
Just the excuse the BBC needs to invite the c'nt onto 'Saturday Breakfast'. You can't make this crap up.

Sands' book will surely be in the dieting section? The 'H' plan diet. You'll be dying to tell your friends about it.
This is beyond parody, that murdering scumbag had the effrontery to inflict his mind numbing book on the British public, I cannot see The house of Windsor, or any member of HMG buying it ( Well, maybe Corbin and his moll, the abbotpotamus) I hope that when it hits the bookshelves in the UK, Arrser,s remove them from the shelves, and bin them. Is there a MP with a backbone out there willing to table a motion to get the bloody thing banned?

Edit to add:- I know, a bit OTT, but having lived through the IRA bombings in london during the 70's, attended the Guildford and Hilton hotel bombings Etc how this pond life has the brass neck.............
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I'm sure that his mange tout recipe will be to die for.
He’s intolerant. Therefore, he won’t be using any Derry products.
I'm sure he will be familiar with his old mate Marty's Bloody Sunday cocktail. Just add a Thompson SMG and the flavours just explode!
"First take several sacks of fertiliser - do insist on ammonium nitrate, and steer clear of anything with iron sulphate, whatever the shopkeeper tries to tell you; the recipe just will not work otherwise and will turn out flat and disappointing - and marinade with several gallons of diesel..."
I believe that's just the Provisional title.
Well, “The Anarchists Cookbook “ title is already taken, he has to come up with something along those lines, something that is going to make those books fly off the shelves ;-)

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