Gerry Adams says Support the Police

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by in_the_cheapseats, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    OK. Here it is. Policy shift by Sinn Fein. Now who here believes the sincerity?

    Look Here
  2. Oh he's sincere alright! I wonder what would befall Mr Adams and all his little chums if their 'gamble' failed?
  3. Ooh, that's nice of him to say so.

    *CT wanders away, muttering obscenities under his breath.*
  4. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    One wonders what the Dear Leader has given away for this great concession by a supposedly democratic party to supporting the police?
  5. Perhaps they will throw themselves on the mercy of the thugs at the lower end of IRA foodchain - or will they go running to the police

  6. the threat of total dissolution of the power-sharing executive.

    e2a: and end of the devolution process
  7. Gerry Adams ask members to "Support the Police!"

    That will make a nice change from him asking his members to shoot and blow up the police.

    Is the kunt after a Nobel Prize???

  8. Correct me if I appear to state the obvioue, but isn't every law abiding citizen supposed to uphold the law. Maybe we should congratulate Adams and his lickspittle McGuinness for their kind consideration in following civil and criminal law.

    Mind you it smells of Blair trying to look as though he has put a full stop behind the NI troubles. Working to get the prized seat in the house of lords or that coveted Nobel Peace prize that the political gentry strive for.

    Boil it down to the basics. Adams & McGuinness are and always will be terrorists. No change in structure, shape, political manifesto or party tree hugging will make a difference. Would the average member of the public trust them..........probably not!

    The day that Adams and McGuinness are occupying a seat in hell will be a rather comfortable night in for me with a fine bottle of malt and thoughts of how damn hot it might get for them down there!

    Bu@@er it, I'm going to have a malt anyway :thumleft:

  9. Forgive me for saying it, because it's not within my normal policy of embracing all cultures in Ireland but, every day of my life I suppress an urge to travel back to Norn Irn and put a bullet between GA and MMcG's eyes (if they make a round that small).

    I am all for the peace process but these two murderers are dancing on the graves of our colleagues and thousands of innocent, unarmed victims.

    It's a flaw in my psyche and I have to live with it.
  10. Damn straight. B*stard needs shooting, not allowed to be in office. Mind you, the same is true for most politicians, but at least Bliar wasn't running round in the '70s with a balaclava on
  11. Pair of cunts. If the devil cast his net in that Sinn Fein HQ he'd have a catch to feed hell for centuries.

    Murdering cunts.
  12. Once a terrorist, always a terrorist. Plenty of examples throughout history.

    RIP those of all communities who died as a result of SF?IRA's actions - may their memories not be mocked in such a cruel way.
  13. FastMedic has a view that seems to fufill most sensible peoples ideals on the subject but how do we convey that to the general public who have swallowed BLIARS party line of 'do everything to appease the monster' otherwise we will be eaten '. Discuss .
  14. Now why didn't You mention Major who started the peace process off?
  15. Gerry Adams says Support the Police.

    Next week:

    Tony Blair says Support the Army :)