Gerry Adams - on the long long road to redemption?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Punch, Feb 21, 2010.

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  1. Gerry Adams presents a religious discussion!!!!
    This man, now not in very good health, and with a dysfunctional family and increasing personal problems, has a long way to go to to become part of acceptable society.
    With a wasted life leading 'soldiers' who had no hope of winning their squalid little war against society, financially well off but morally deficient, erstwhile supporters turning against him, he must feel somewhat in need of salvation at times.
    Is he looking for pity - perhaps some confession of his role in the PIRA would help?
    Any room for pity on this forum?
  2. No, I hope he dies.
  3. We could just release his control file.......then he can make peace with the IRA chums he sold out
  4. The labour party and their propaganda mouthpiece The Bigoted Broadcasting Company seem to think he's a man to do business with so expect Sven/Whet et al apolgists to say it's ok.
  5. Gerry Adams could spend eternity walking the long road but I doubt very much if he'll get redemption.
  6. Wasn't he on our side? Being a tout and all that.
    Oops was that a secret. Sorry Gerry!
  7. We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged"
    — Heinrich Heine
  8. I for one really hope he was not a tout it would prove pretty embarasing to find out that the IRA ran us ragged for 30 odd years when there leader was on our side.
  9. [​IMG]

    Those who the British Government wish to destroy they first make Ministers of the Northern Ireland Assembly...
  10. He ,probably at the end of the conflict had done more to bring "down" the pira,than anyone else. Was he a tout?? What i would like to know is if the deal that must have been done between the paramilitaries is still in place.
    you dont bump off our "big boys" who are in the spotlight and we wont do yours. How else could gerry and martin have survived for so long, ditto yer man paisley. My section was the first to Taylor when he was gunned down in Armagh , the reaction from himself and his staff was " fck off we will handle this, someones head will roll"

    It is my sincerest desire that the twat has a long and lingering very painful and spreadable disease ,which with luck he will spread around gordons government(sic) during cocktails at stormont.
  11. Lest we forget

    The IRA insisted Adams be included in the meeting and he was released from internment to participate. Following the failure of the talks, he played a central role in planning the bomb blitz on Belfast known as Bloody Friday.

    I hope that he gets inoperable stomach cancer. Ihope he dies writhing in screaming agony, just like the poor woman I watched helplessly at the La Mon in 1978.
  12. shit i forgot the screaming in agony bit , good on yer
  13. Gerry Adams?

    Fcuk him and the rancid whore who gave birth to him.
  14. Too much blood on him and his sidekicks hands to ever be clean.

    I'm glad things have 'improved' over there, but it'll take a couple of generations to remove the bitter taste.
  15. Oh fcuk off! They're still fighting over what William the Conk, QE1 and fcuking Cromwell did before they even get started on Good King Billy and the Black and Tans, and you expect the 'taste' to go away 'in a couple of generations?

    Give your head a wobble!