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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, May 14, 2011.

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  1. Republic of Ireland
    US prosecutors seek access to IRA tapes
    Secret tapes of former IRA members that could implicate Gerry Adams, the Sinn Fein president, in dozens of murders in the 1970s have been demanded by American prosecutors acting on behalf of the British authorities.

    By Toby Harnden, Washington 10:59PM BST 13 May 2011

    A subpoena has been received by Boston College for the tapes of interviews with Brendan Hughes and Dolours Price, both one-time senior IRA figures, carried out by researchers for an oral history project.

    Hughes, a convicted IRA man who was once arrested with Mr Adams, died in 2008. A book “Voices from the Grave” by Ed Moloney, based on the interviews, quoted him as identifying Mr Adams, who has always denied ever being a member of the IRA, was commander of the IRA’s Belfast Brigade in 1972.

    Jean McConville, a mother of 10, was abducted by the IRA that year under apparent suspicion of being an informer. Her fate remained a mystery until her bones were discovered on a County Louth beach in 2003.

    In the book, Hughes was quoted as saying: "There was only one man whom gave the order for the woman [Mrs McConville] to be executed. That man is now the head of Sinn Fein."

    Price, like Hughes, publicly broke with Mr Adams and Sinn Fein in the 1990s in protest at the “peace process” that led to 1998 Good Friday Agreement. In 2010, she gave an interview to the “Irish News”, which ran a story stating she was believed to have been “privy to details of the final days” of Mrs McConville.
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    A subsequent article in the “Sunday Life” newspaper stated that Price, a convicted bomber who spent time on hunger strike, had spoken to the Boston College researchers.

    Mr Moloney said that the names of those interviewed, understood to number more than 50, remained secret until an interviewee died or chose to identify themselves. He would not confirm that Price had been interviewed.

    The researchers suspect that the target of what appears to be a criminal investigation could be Mr Adams, not least because Hughes cannot be prosecuted because he is dead. “Of course, you’ve got the big lad,” said Mr Moloney, referring to Mr Adams. “One way or another, he’s going to be mired in the whole thing.”

    Anthony McIntyre, a former IRA prisoner who carried out interviews of republicans for the project, said: “This is coming from some element of the British establishment and it seems to be a mixture of police and political agendas. I would say that to some extent they’d like to make it uncomfortable for Adams.”

    Boston College has said it is seeking more information about the subpoena before making a decision about how to respond. Mr Moloney said: “I presume and hope and expect they will fight this thing.”

    Mr McIntyre noted that Owen Paterson, the Northern Ireland Secretary, had praised the oral history project during a visit to Boston College.

    “How can there be a truth recovery process if this happens? They’re trying to scuttle the whole thing.”


    Always believed he led the Belfast Brigade.
  2. Justice hasn't gone away ye know.
  3. If the Americans had any concept of justice, black helicopters ought to be landing at Gerry Adams house as much as bin Laden's. If they are short on stealthy ones this week, I'm sure UK air defence wouldn't mind looking the other way ( that's if we even have any working air defences left).
  4. You'll be telling me next that Slab Murphy was not just an innocent pig fancier framed by sinister securicrats!
  5. Whatever happened to Gusty Spence?
  6. Lives in Donaghadee, Co Down. Don't really ever hear anything about him.
  7. There would be a nice irony if Gerry was brought down /convicted by the US authorities.

    Hope we put them up to it.
  8. Adair's C company wrecked his house during the last feud with the UVF.Instant retalliation with two of Adiair's crowd being shot dead.His wife died a while back.Still the most iconic person in modern UVF.Often wondered what he thinks of its present leader Bunter Graham being a long term police tout!
  9. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Must be a growth industry up there, it was also claimed in court that Harmless Harry (who got himself stabbed in Tescos, every litltle helps, ) was also a police tout

    Still back on would be even funnier if the Americans conclusively proved that Gerry had never been a member of PIRA.........and indeed had only joined at the behest of his handler . A bit like becoming a Muslim under duress it doesn't really count.
  10. I don't think there's any doubt that yer man Adams was IRA, least not in my mind, having observed him strutting around in his Che Guevara beret in the Falls. It's been a long road from Harrogate Street, Gerry!
    Fact is, if there IS conclusive evidence that Gerry ordered hits what will happen? I'm betting nothing! Maybe the requests originated from the Eire government via their UK contemporaries?

    I wonder what became of the Price sisters - Dolores and Marion? Many a cold night spent staking out their home in Slievegallion. They were nasty bitches - though quite 'fit' - at least in the eyes of someone who had not had the benefit of close companionship with the opposite sex in several months! Weren't they arrested after one of the London bombings?
    It was a long time ago. They were dark days.
  11. BBC News - Old Bailey bomber Marian Price charged over rally
  12. Thanks the bitch hasn't changed then!
  13. I think it is given that Adams was very high up in the PIRA. Surely though, if his former comrades criticise him then he has to be given some credit for bringing the armed struggle to an end. If he and McGuiness had not done what they did, we would still be doing OP Banner tours and the troubles would still be in full swing. They may be PIRA to the hilt, and guilty of numerous murders, but they realised that the armed struggle had failed, was never going to achieve it's aim, and so should be halted and the aim achieved through political means. We always end up talking to our terrorist enemies and doing deals with them, this is no different. We will end up in talks with the Taliban soon enough, to allow us to exit Afghanistan with credit, then they will take over again.

    I have no love for Adams or McGuinnes, but they changed tactics when it was clear that the tactics had failed. They did this in order to further their aim, can't blame them for that. The real IRA and the like son't give a toss regarding politics, they just enjoy the violence and the power it gives them.
  14. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Talk is cheap. All this snivelling about the Price sisters. The amount of time in the old days a foot patrol was moved on (as in don't sit here) when St Doms were practising netball was time out of number. Being a gentleman one wouldn't wish to embarrass anyone from the navy, especially not 42 Cdo.

    BTW second minister and loads of other sellout PIRA turned up at an illegal march in Armagh the week before the NI action taken
  15. There are no more r.a.f choppers allowed to fly around belfast or anywhere else in the six counties- peace and all that- peace for us- the boot for you-