Gerry Adams denies being in PIRA - again!


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From todays Scotsman, GA denies having been an IRA leader!

Is GA innocent

Personally, me, myself, I, think that he, once again is lying through his teeth and that he has a lot of blood on his hands. Of course, I may be totally wrong and he might just be the nice old gentleman that he wants us to think he is. Yeh, right!!!

SINN Fein president Gerry Adams yesterday denied renewed allegations that he was once an IRA leader after claims were made in the posthumous memoirs of a former colleague.

Senior republican Brendan Hughes, interviewed before his death in 2008, claimed Mr Adams was the IRA chief who ordered the infamous 1972 murder of Jean McConville, a mother of ten, who was accused of being a security force informant.

But yesterday the Sinn Fein leader rejected the allegations, repeated his denial of ever being a member of the IRA, and blamed the renewed accusations on disgruntled republicans opposed to his party's peace strategy.

The allegations are contained in a new book, Voices From The Grave, by Ed Moloney, though Sinn Fein said the claims were not new and had been publicly denied in the past.

But Mr Hughes, a high-profile IRA figure who later became a critic of the peace process and of Sinn Fein, is quoted as having said: "I find it difficult to come to terms (with] the fact that this man (Gerry Adams] has turned his back on everything that we ever did.

"I never carried out a major (IRA] operation without the OK or the order from Gerry."

His accusations from beyond the grave were gathered by researchers cataloguing accounts of the Troubles from republican and loyalist paramilitaries on condition that they were not released until after their death.

Mr Adams said that the wide-ranging allegations, centring on claims he was once an IRA leader in Belfast, were untrue and could be traced back to republicans opposed to Sinn Fein's peace strategy that helped to end the IRA's armed campaign.

"I knew Brendan Hughes well," said Mr Adams. "He wasn't well and hadn't been for a very long time, including during the time he did these interviews.

"He also carried with him an enormous sense of guilt over events surrounding the first (IRA] hunger strike. However, that is no excuse for his involvement in this book.

"Brendan also opposed the IRA cessations and the peace process. That was his right.

"The fact is that the decisions taken collectively by republicans in recent years have improved the quality of life for people across this island, have ensured the growth of republican politics and created a new and dynamic context in which republicans have the potential to achieve our primary goal of Irish reunification and independence.

"Brendan could and should have been part of this. For a mixture of reasons, he wasn't."

Mr Hughes was a high-ranking member of the IRA at the height of the Troubles. But as the peace process emerged, he became highly critical of the direction in which the Sinn Fein leadership was taking the republican movement.

Responding to Sinn Fein claims that the allegations came from republicans opposed to the peace process, Mr Moloney told the BBC: "It's pretty disappointing that every time something like this happens, the accusation is made that there is an agenda-driven effort going on here and it's just not the case."

Mr Moloney said Mr Hughes was angered by his belief that top republicans had betrayed the IRA. But Mr Adams, while denying membership of the IRA, added: "I reject any suggestion that I have ever sought to distance myself from the IRA.

"Anyone who recalls the years of conflict and the countless interviews I gave and still give, in which this issue is raised, will know that I was the person most frequently interviewed about the IRA and who defended the right of the IRA to engage in armed struggle during the time of war.

"I also praised the IRA for its courageous decisions to accept a political alternative and to sue for peace."

From Bloody Friday to Good Friday

GERRY Adams was born in 1948 into a Belfast family steeped in republican politics.

By 1967, he was an active member of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association.

Jailed without trial under internment in 1971, he was later released and took part in peace talks at the tender age of 24.

His presence led many to believe he occupied a role in the IRA but he has always denied such allegations. He was arrested in the aftermath of the Bloody Friday bombings in 1972 and interned again from 1973-77.

He played an important policy-making role with Sinn Fein during the 1981 prison hunger strikes and was elected president of the party two years later, becoming MP for Belfast West at the same time.

His "republican project" came up with the 1985 British-Irish Agreement, partly in an attempt to shore up the constitutional nationalism of John Hume's SDLP. Within three years, Hume and Adams held private talks which eventually delivered the 1994 IRA ceasefire and, in turn, the Good Friday Agreement.
the guys a murderous kunt but along with various other players they eventually brought about a politcal settlement.
nobody else seems to have had an alternative plan :cry:
In another startling development Sir Bobby Charlton has issued a statement denying ever having played football for Manchester United while yesterday Baroness Thatcher denied that she was once, allegedly, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

:lol: :lol: :lol:
I read somewhere years ago that he was Belfast brigade commander at 23, and as he sat as an MP, (despite constant denials and a beard that would'nt have been out of place at a CAMRA bash or an AD&D convention), he was on the IRA's council.

He gets a fair bit of coverage on here
randomgary said:
if any republicans are reading this hes definatly a tout!!!

id take action lol
You think it's a wind up? Intelligence service personnel commonly referred to him as 'Gerry the Brit' all through the 80's. He's alive and in power today because of his special relationship with us.
good grief, he was the QM for the Ardoyne area. & the other tosser,sorry MP, was/is one of in not the top of the council of 7!!! Of course they were both on the Army payroll as touts! Thats how we got so many!!


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Picasso said:
randomgary said:
if any republicans are reading this hes definatly a tout!!!

id take action lol
You think it's a wind up? Intelligence service personnel commonly referred to him as 'Gerry the Brit' all through the 80's. He's alive and in power today because of his special relationship with us.
My goodness! Are you saying he is a Septic as well :wink: