Gerry Adams demonstrates just how big a dick he really is

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Wonk_Mog, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. Personally I am glad to see the back of this taiggy waiggy fenian piece of shit but there is 1 interesting option , preferrable to me at least.

    "The seat is vacated as if they were dead," I'm told.

    BBC - Newsnight: Michael Crick: Gerry Adams makes British Parliamentary history

    Gerry Adams, it seems, has made Parliamentary history - British Parliamentary history. It appears that the Sinn Fein leader managed to resign as a Westminster MP last Friday without going through the traditional procedures.

    I wrote here a few weeks ago that if Adams planned to stand down as a Westminster MP, in order to stand for the Irish Parliament, he would have to go through the usual rigmarole whereby a resigning MP applies for an office of profit under the Crown - the British Crown.

    All rather embarrassing for the world's leading Irish Republican.

    A resolution of the House of Commons from almost 400 years ago - March 1624 - says an MP cannot directly resign their seat except by death, disqualification or expulsion.

    A House of Commons factsheet states: "A Member wishing to resign has to go through the process of applying for a paid office of the Crown... There are two such offices - Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Chiltern Hundreds, and of the Manor of Northstead."

    And it's the Chancellor of the Exchequer who grants them the job.

    The Treasury this afternoon were quite cagey. They confirmed that no application had been received and stressed that the Chancellor's role is entirely ceremonial.

    A Sinn Fein spokesman told Newsnight that Adams "wrote to the Speaker's office on Friday and informed him of his resignation. It's a non-issue from our perspective. He submitted his resignation and that's it. He's stepped down from that position. He certainly didn't apply for the Stewardship of the Manor of Northstead."

    It seems Mr Adams has found some way of resigning from Parliament without going through these ancient procedures.

    And the British Constitution has been changed for ever.

    Update at 18:50:

    I've just asked a senior Parliamentary official whether Gerry Adams is still an MP.

    "At the last count, yes he is," he told me.

    It's all governed by the Parliamentary bible Erskine May, it seems, and the following section:

    "It is a settled principle of parliamentary law that a Member, after he is duly chosen, cannot relinquish his seat; and, in order to evade this restriction, a Member who wishes to retire accepts office under the Crown, which legally vacates his seat and obliges the House to order a new writ."

    So in British law, Gerry Adams is still an MP, whether he wants to be or not. Until he applies for one of the two stewardships.

    I was also advised that one way Adams might get round this without expressing allegiance to the British Crown in any form would be to turn up at the House of Commons and try to sit in the Chamber.

    He would then be automatically disqualified from the House on the grounds that he hasn't sworn the oath, and a writ would then be moved for a by-election in West Belfast.

    "The seat is vacated as if they were dead," I'm told.

    And what a drama it would be if Adams were to do that, and be ejected from the Commons.

    If Adams was elected to the Irish Parliament it would be no problem in British law for him to serve as an MP for the Irish and British Parliaments simultaneously. That was allowed by the Disqualifications Act passed in 2000.
  2. maybe there just glad to see the back of him
  3. He was never an MP in the first place surely? He never actually swore his alligiance to Her Britannic Majesty.
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Shoot the **** - job jobbed!
  5. I like your thinking, do you have a newsletter or something I can subscribe to
  6. .
    Then why was he paid an MP's wage and lucrative expenses?
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator


    56789! (one fer ******* luck)
  8. I would like to know that too.
  9. I'm appalled that people want to shoot an elected mp.

    when my inniovative is nearly ready to go
    for a large fee I can ship a pissed off honey badger to the **** of your choice which when the secure packaging is opened will rip the ***** goolies off and then savage them as they bleed out. for extra money I can video it and have the amusing clip up on u tube.
  10. Don't think he was ever paid nor the other scumbag Sinn Fein Bastards who sit with him, they just draw the expenses. They hate Britain that much they take money from the Parliament.
  11. Shoot him, I'd settle for ripping his ******* beardy head off his shoulders.
  12. I wouldn't allow the cnt* the pleasure of a bullet, that kgb/soviet sushi and chips poison jobbie sounds more fitting for this piece of shi..............te.. arrrrrrghhhh.

    fck*ng blood boils at the mention of the name
  13. And the rest. He was on full pay and expenses from the Northern Ireland Assembly for a while too. IIRC, he was drawing 300 grand a year from the British taxpayer at one point. Didn't quite reach the dizzy heights attained by the Reverend Doctor though. He was on the Euro gravy train too.

    If it all goes Pete Tong for Gerry in the Irish elections, I can see him standing in the Scottish elections in May along with "Gorgeous" George Galloway and Tommy Sheridan's missus. Perhaps Tommy himself will stand from behind bars in the manner of Bobby Sands, that's if he's not on a dirty protest.

    It's looking good. The elections for the Scottish Parliament are turning into a Rab C Nesbit Christmas Special.
  14. Stop it AM you'll make me have bad dreams.
  15. Hopefully someone "down there" will A-Y... Off to hell with that piece of shite...