Gerrard You Cheating CNUT

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. Fell over, then convinced the Ref to send Hibbert off.

  2. I concur!

  3. Blues fans then??.
  4. No, I just don't like Gerrard! :twisted:
  5. How the fcuk didnt everton get a penalty at the end?? Not really bothered about either scouse teams but well, how much did liverpool pay the ref
  6. I CANNOT believe that that pen wasn't given. Carragher the CHEATING REDSHITE CNUT should walk.

    Clattenburg has been bought, there is no other way that they would have got anything out of that.

    I am stunned at the blatant cheating. It isn't a mistake, it is just plain and simple CHEATING.
  7. Everton should have had a pen at the end there!
  8. You don't get cheats like this in rugby, that's why ffotie is known as poofball amongst rugby fans!!
  9. The FA has got to step in here.

    They are blabbing on, and quite correctly, that the players shouldn't badger the ref, yet we have clearly seen that this works. Gerrard changed the refs mind about sending Hibbert off.

    Clattenburg gave a pen to Liverpool when it wasn't, should have red carded Kuyt for a Kung Fu kick.


    Benitez the fat cnut has just accused Lescott of cheating !
  10. Another example of 'The Beautifull Game!!!'
  11. Balls, Gerrad was brought down, he grabbed his shirt as he was about to score. Saying that there were some very dodgy decisions, didn't like that tackle by Kuyt, shouldn't have really won that one, and Everton should have had a penalty, but hey, thats how it goes.
  12. Fcuk off, what was some cnut doing in Stevie G's way, inconsiderate barstewards.
  13. double penalty award turned down, both clear penalties.

    no wonder moyes was annoyed.
  14. gosh, there appear to be a few upset toffee fans in here tonight :D

    sorry i couldn't make it earlier - was busy celebrating and then snoozing the contented sleep after another 3 points were chalked up...

    gerrard "convinced" the ref to send him off? have you seen a more blatant last defender / scoring opportunity? not our fault if the ref tried to fanny out initially - it's a mandatory dismissal offence.

    think the bearhug penalty should have been, but don't think the other one was. a draw would have been fair.

    but it was funny to see blues fans crying and whining like a bunch of girls :D

    still, gives you something to bitch about for the rest of the season. i particularly enjoyed reading the post above claiming that the referee had been bought :D