Gerrard cleared of affray

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by syledis, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. Gerrard was the only one cleared of Affray out of 7 men charged. What a joke. Scousers looking after their heroes.
  2. Why was CCTV evidence allowed to be shown outside of court?
    Thought that was supposed to be held until guilt decided?
  3. Now there's a thing, can't say I'm surprised! :x If he was an F1 driver he'd be with Ferrari, they wear red and get away with murder as you all well know! :roll:
  4. So he could get off. He should have gone down.
    This is the society we have let happen where a 'celebrity status' can inlfuence the courts.

    Who makes these so called celebrities. Waste of space the lot of them.

  5. What a complete fcucking joke!!! This just shows eveyone, especially kids that look up to Gerrard that you can throw punches at people in a bar and act like a complete thug and nothing will happen to you.


    Dont tar all scousers with the same brush - this one doesnt see that scum bag as any sort of hero.
  6. Mag,
    Are you Blue perchance?
  7. The judge told him that he can leave the court with his reputation intact. I despair, i really do.
  8. Its depressing, but where are you going to find 12 people to sit there and give a fair trail in Liverpool! when the whole court can see there faces.
  9. Hate to admit it but it would be just the same in Glasgow with Rangers and Celtic players.
  10. Self Defence...thats about right....7 scousers onto 1.
    I'm suprised all 7 didn't claim self defence

  11. Too right I am :wink:

    Even so, if that was Phil Neville up having done the same thing I would say exactly the same. This scenario happens all over the NW all the time, to the extent that friends and family of mine are too scared to go into bars in case it kicks off and they get caught in the middle.
  12. It's the same with all Premiership footie players. Remember Lee Bowyer and Jonathan Woodgate? Jody Morris (when he played for Chelsea)? If you've got a big name and can pay for a flash lawyer, you can get away with anything less than manslaughter.
  13. I am sorry, I disagree with you all. Maybe, just maybe Gerrard was found not guilty because he was innocent

    In a similar manner to fellow celebrities OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson who were also found innocent
  14. I assume you feel that they got the sentence wrong. But there are many ways to do that. Poor grammar, poor syntax, misspelt words, poor punctuation etc..
  15. Having followed the case, I feel that it was a fair outcome. The jury felt that his account was a fair one, and that he feared he was going to be attacked by this man. He got that wrong, but it is difficult to get every snap decision right.

    Ultimately, he was found innocent in a court of law by a jury of his peers. Everything else on here is just nasty, jealous, bitter, partisan outpourings with no value.