Gerneral field kit.... bergens, vests, belt kit etc....

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by four_one_f, Jan 6, 2006.

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  1. Just asking peoples view on kit in general....In particuler bergens, assault vests, belt kit etc.

    We all know webtex is a dirty word and silvermans require a kidney as a down payment on any kit.

    Anyone out there found a piece of kit they couldnt do without, or a really good bergen or vest etc that isnt really that well known on the market but we could all benifit from

    Any info appriciated, Thanks.

    Keep low - move fast!
  2. softy make a mega good comfy wee 35ltr daysack, it only comes in olive but has a smart dpm waterproof cover that does the job nicely. :D another piece of kit that i love has to be seal skinz gloves ( although if its really baltic you need a pair a wooly gloves underneath) as for belt kit theres a company up in glasgow that sell a well gucci pouch called a communications pouch , its for a gps or mobile and even has a lanyard so that if the para button and the velcro closing fail you won't lose the contents. Other than that a small ortileb mapcase for my phone( you can talk and hear through the plastic ) and the everpresent hip pad/softy jacket/leatherman. One thing that i discovered recently was that if you get not quite boiling water and pour it into a platypus it makes an ace waterbottle :D

    As for worst piece of kit it would have to be my web-tex ''patrol pak''( couldn't patrol ten yards with the thing) the first weekend i bought it in went a 352 + ancils, sleeping bag, dry kit and softy jacket.( my reasoning was that the less space i have the less useless kit i would carry), waterpoof jacket, waterproof porn and an emptyjet pack.(have found this useful if you've no space your daysack and pick up something interesting on patrol, just carribeaner it onto the outside of said daysack).Anyway went on a patrol ( being the only sigs comp person i had the honour of pltn scaley) as we approached the harbour area we all went to ground in all round defence including mongtastic mini_rq who forgot that he was to go fwrd on the harbour recce . As i went to stand back up a large ripping noise followed by a thump and a yelp and some swearing echoed round the area. My prized daysack was on the ground with its straps flailing about like a set of tarts legs. Web-tex?? - NEVER AGAIN :cry:
  3. Thanks mini_rq....

    Had a similar thing happen to me with a webtex daysack funnily enough.

    Whats the company called in scotland and do the have a website?

    Anyone out there found the best grab sack for under the lid of a bergen yet? Driving me mad!

  4. the glasgow company don't stock it anymore but .As for best grab sack, have you tried a spare issue side pouch with yoke attatched, haven't tried this myself it just popped into my head whilst reading your question. :wink:
  5. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I got an old Arktis day sack of an ex-gunner (now fixes computers...) that he said was his own grab-bag. It works rather well, its about 20/30 ltrs and fits perfectly under the lid of the issue (inf) bergan. I dont have an arktis catalogue handy but its just one big space, no extra lid pockets or anything.

    Simple, but comfy and it works. So wahey!
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Various types of these are also available from the Arrse shop, it'll be visible as soon as GCO extracts his digit on more images of kit.
  7. for gods sake do not buy the south african assault vest. cheaper than chickens from turkey and as about as useful. if want something a bit different try some of the israeli kit or try a website called they will make custom made kit for and its wont pull your ey balls out. it is a good firm cuz i got the address from soldier mag.
  8. good old karrimor grab bags - is it the hot rock ? or something similar, hard to find now, but a workhorse - great
  9. karrimor og grab-bag - with side zip for your plce pouches

    got mine from john bulls catterick
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

  11. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Of course the South African one is pants, it is manufactured by the same distributor as WebTex but is part of their lower performance range. If you load the pockets full of kit they drop off.
  12. not heard of Rangemanster before...but yes, similar i suppose.

    the karrimor was about the same price but without side-pouches included

    never let me down and bags of room for every occassion:- takes a 352, two batts, ancills, water food softie + bombs and bullets fine.

    great kit for a telic grab-bag

    (ps, unless you carry an ice-axe!, cut off all the loops n'stuff. They only get snared on things at really unfortunate moments.....)
  13. Rangemaster do the XR 20 as a basic grab sack and Wyvern do their 30 which also has compression straps and a mesh pocket. They both can be stowed under the flap and secured with the rocket pack clips. Webtex packs are great if you don't want to carry anything and Arktis so far have proved to be a bit lax in the quality control dept, out of my last order with them only two of the items didn't have problems and one hasn't even turned up yet, after three months.
  14. Camo New Forces 25Ltr
    RRP:£ 29.99
    Our Price: £ 28.99
    Excl.VAT Price: £ 24.67
    Highlander Product
    Storm lock main compartment with three additional pockets, padded mesh back, fully adjustable waist belt, Colour DPM

    Only £28.99 and really good.