Discussion in 'Sappers' started by plant_op_till_i_die, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. After being kicked out of bassingbourn, i have now arrived at Hameln. I was extremely pleased to be posted here, and looking forward to living the corps way in Germany :D .

    Then i tip up here and everyone hates it!!!!! What is going on! I thought this was the place to be.

    Anyone know what has happened or happening to ruin our lives over here??

    Oh, and the young lad that got me kicked out of bassingbourn, he has now left the Army. CHEERS :x :evil: :x
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I have been here 5 years and love it. Don't make the mistake of sitting in the block at weekends getting p%ssed, get yourself out and about getting p%ssed. Berlin 3 hrs, Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover all good days / nights out.
  3. Sorry to hear that mate. I think everyone is going to moan about something regardless of where it is to be honest. Why is it apparantly so bad?
  4. POTID

    Next time you're back in the UK try and find out where the tw@t lives and do a ninja attack on him. :twisted:

    Sorry I can't help with the situation at Hameln, not been there for many a long year. (23) :roll:
  5. I left 28(64) in 96 but lived in Hameln until 2003. I liked it but I was a p1sshead and liked the pubs. It just got too expensive to live there as a civvy.
  6. easy peasy...time to take up skiing!!!! that'll keep you busy :D sod the grumpy gits....get out and about on your own or with a few like minded souls and see some of the country! :D
  7. Howdy

    I was in Germany for a total of 10 years - 4 at Laarbruch and 6 at Osnabruck......the biggest regret is spending most of it on the p*ss.......dont make that mistake.....socialise by all means but get some wheels and see the country .............if you can take all yer leave in Germany and use it to see Europe and the sights! I got pissed off going home and taxing from one family to the other..........

    If you are into fishing Hameln is a dream, or it was..........

    Fuc* what the boring gits get out and have a ball..........

    All the best Planty..........

    ...join the Army and see the World, be a planty and dig the fuc*er up !
  8. In my opinion, it's true what everyone is saying, it's what you make of it while you are there!! Trips to Prague and other top places in Europe, well worth it!!
  9. Had the same thing in Nienburg, I loved it there although it had changed from its heyday (I got there too late so I missed all that fun)

    but most of the fellas in the block hated it except one, little taff 'JJ' he used to stock up his car with jerrycans of fuel and a green maggot and ask any of the lads if they fancied going anywhere on the weekend then with just enough money for the alcohol and food he would just bugger off somewhere, like Koblenz or Franfurt am oder and hit the pubs and clubs there, anywhere basically where there wasnt British/US troops to spoil things for a traveller like he

    He would see some of Germany still go on the piss and did something rather than sit in the block and moan.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I was a student at 35, CETC in jan 84 and what a fantastic time we had! Even open arrest didnt dampen the spirits!
    What a fantastic posting, all the singlies bar me obviously (I liked a German girl) scored with the pads wives whilst the locals were down south!
  11. I arrived back in Germany (Osnabruck) a couple of months back and found the same thing, the guys who had been here a while were moaning saying its rubbish. But as has been said elsewhere a posting is what you make it.I have been posted back to Hameln 3 times before and each time everyone says its not as good as before but each time I have loved it.

    I would highly recommend a meal in Georges to cheer yourself up (ask anyone whose been there more than tens minutes where it is).

  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Little Pi and Big Pi.
  13. I arrived at Maidstone yesterday. From what I've seen it's quite good, people are pretty relaxed.

    I know alot of people fly out to hameln next week.
  14. Probably because Hameln are always buggering off to hotter climates at the moment. Will make alot of people hate it.
    Chin up at least your getting LOA for it.
  15. beerhouse no1, green lantern, zilla's, flaubaum .............................. the list goes on & on i fecking loved hameln BUT purely for the cultural side of life as you can see :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: