Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by hot_bambi, May 31, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    My husband and I are recently married and are interested in putting Germany down on our wishlist.
    I would like to know if it is reasonably easy to get jobs there and what kind of job options are available?


  2. You can find out more by going to the Army Families Federation website and clicking on the Germany Branch and then Moving To. Basically most of the employment is through the Garrison Labour Support Unit (GLSU). There is more information on the AFF site and it suggests other links. Good luck and hope you have a good time in BFG if you get the posting.
  3. Thanx, i'll have a look.
  4. If you are looking for a job outside the military, you can go into

    This is the website of the German federal labour office (unfortunately in German). There you can get information about vacancies in your region. As British citizens you would be elegible to work in Germany (as in any other EU country).

  5. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Also get a copy of Sixth Sense. A number of jobs there.

    Not brilliant, but its a start, my wife managed to get a job out of it!
  6. Maybe you can help me in the other direction to get a job? ;-) Coz i am a german civy and looking for a job in the briths army camps in germany. I don't know where i can ask someone if it is possible for me to get a job in this area? I have heard that there are german guard forces, but don't know where i can find more informations about it. I would be really working in my normal job, but its not possible at the moment here in germany. I am a surveyor technican, but its really s**t to get a job here. I am boring at home and alot of interested in the UK and british army as well here in germany.
  7. "I have heard that there are german guard forces, but don't know where i can find more informations about it. "

    pop inot your local GLSU and they should have all the information you need
  8. Mrs M left a job in the Med Centre at Fallingbostel in Jun 99 - they may still have a vacancy if you apply.
  9. I find at the moment, living in Germany that if your face fits, you will get a job no problem, its not about qualification on your CV anymore, its who knows you. Does anyone else feel like that.
  10. It has been over 10 years since I was last in Germany, so it is 'situation normal' so to speak...
  11. Being a qualified administrator and having a hubby in the AGC, is not compatible - trying to get a job in administration in this scenario over here is like trying to find rocking horse s***.
  12. Unfortunately, twas ever thus. Not just in BFG but everywhere. Prospective employers only want to know 2 things: 1. Can you do the job? 2. Will you fit in? Of the two, the second will always win out. If somebody fits in, then they can be taught to do the job. Whereas, if they can do the job, but won't fit in, then there can be a whole world of pain. Sad but true.

  13. By the time my face fits and everyone knows me I'll probably be told we're posted again. I really want to work here in BFG because Im going stir crazy. My home has never been so clean, and I find I'm talking to myself more and more. I have friends but day to day chat and coffee is not enough, I need more !! I had a great job on civvie street , I suppose it's just one of the sacrifices an army wife has to make!!!
  14. Whereabouts in BFG are you living at the moment? Do you get the Sixth Sense? Is this your 1st time in BFG?

    There are jobs in BFG, but for the most part they are lowly paid, many part time, and many pretty menial. You might have to accept something below your usual level just to get a job and your foot in the door. Speak to your local GLSU office. They (should!!) know what's coming up and when. Also, keep your ear to the ground about whose husband is due to be posted, and apply for his wife's job before the advert has even been put in the paper. It's not a lost cause, just don't expect too much!
  15. I am in Fally, and yes I have been buying Sixth Sense. I haven't been here very long but have always worked before and am finding it all a bit strange. Having 2 kids at school doesn't help because I can't work full time and I also don't drive at the moment(am L) I've been to GLSU and they are helpful, I will just have to keep trying, I won't give up!!!