Germany wins ;-(

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Noir, Aug 29, 2010.

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  1. Just back from my first trip to Berlin. Being there I constantly feel a sense of inferiority to Germany in almost every way imaginable.

    Economy - Germany wins

    Sport - Germany wins

    Society - Germany wins

    Beer - Germany wins

    Education - Germany wins (certainly pre-university)

    Culture - Germany wins

    Food - despite not being France, Germany probably wins

    Scenery and natural beauty - Germany wins

    Beauty of women - Germany wins

    And now cigarette machines on the street - Germany wins

    Is it really that fucking amazing over there? Please someone tell me it's secretly fucking shit to be in Germany, and all the apparent greatness and coolness of the nation is just a facade?
  2. Vorsprung Durch Technik!
  3. Berlin was better fun when the Wall was up in my opinion but other than that you are pretty much right, though the Bundesliga is like watching paint dry most of the time
  4. It was even better when you could use the old shillings in them!
  5. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    the women - almost certainly, in a lot of cases.

    but coolness??? they still think the mullet is an acceptable hairstyle for blokes. :(
  6. What's so chuffing good about cigarette machines on the streets? They've had them in Germany for years by the way and it was only recently that there was any attempt to control access to the cigarettes by children. Now they require a bank card even if they are paying cash for their fags. No great barrier as they just nick their parent's card.

    Having fag machines on the street is not a winner in my book, just a way for kids to get an easy supply so that they are hooked as future customers and statistics.
  7. It was ok but it was an awesome posting, mega cheap booze, BAFVS, and Party time 24/7, nothing like a gazillion Russians on the doorstep to encourage ribald behaviour! Once the wall came down and the celebrations ended you just had a big german city, it just felt different and somehow wrong.
  8. I love living in Germany, but there is not the slightest possibility of the food being better there, nor the scenery. Also (and I realise this might not be an issue close to most ARSSEr's hearts) shopping, whether food, electronics, clothes or anything else, is atrocious in Germany.
  9. I spent over 10 years in Germany, including Berlin (Wall up).

    It was an excellent country.

    But, as an Englishman I think that David Hasselhoff is a bit of a twat, whereas the Germans think he is some sort of God, and that's just wrong. Plain wrong.
  10. World Wars.... Germany loses.

    Music.... Germany loses.

    Literature... Germany loses.

    Sense of Humour.... Germany loses.

    Film industry... Germany loses.

    Beauty of coastline... Germany loses.

    Beauty of me a favour....Germany loses.
  11. World War record- UK wins
  12. Trying to barge past me to the front of the bus queue on holiday.... Germany loses.
  13. Music..... Germany loses? Are you mad? Wagner, Beethoven,Orff, Schubert, Mendelsohn, Bach, I`m getting bored now.
  14. And to bring the level of the thread back to the gutter, my only disappointment with German wimmin was that in the 60's/70's they seemed to favour boring white underwear.
  15. Not having enough salt for the roads in Winter, Draw