Discussion in 'Travel' started by devexwarrior, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Faced with the prospect this summer of me being in BFG (loc unknown as yet) and the family being in very west Wales. Any Arrsonists been in that situation?

    All travel suggestions/routes/sheep jokes welcome.

    PS family moving to Germany NOT an option

  2. I did that for 18 month back in 89/90(ish)(1) Motorbike(2) was, and is the answer IMHO. The only difference you would face is that the Hovercraft are no more :(
    That said the high speed ferries go to Boulogne. The beauty of the bike is, regardless of when you are booked, just turn up and travel. I still use this system today.

    (1) Oswestry to Deilinghofen
    (2) Tourer, fairing and luggage.
  3. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    google Bristol aeroport and get their flight options. Pretty sure you'll find flights to Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Dusseldorf or Koln. Use DE public transport with a 25% bahncard and make sure you book your train ticket >3 days in advance.

    You should also book your UK tickets in DE too. Again, cheaper.

    In this situation, abso-fcking-lutely.