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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by parabol, May 23, 2010.

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  1. I must be about 3 quarters of my way through my comms sys eng course now, and on Thursday we got our posting preference sheet pounced on us. I don't know all that much about the different units, only what I've found on the web.

    200 Signal Squadron and 16 Signal Regiment I'm thinking of putting down first. Purely just from the information on the Army website. I can imagine these preferences just getting thrown out the window anyway. Pretty much the entire last course are all being posted down to Bulford, and I'm fairly certain nobody had that on their preferences.

    I'd appreciate it if anyone could share a bit of advice about the German units. I'd be happy with any unit in Germany really that Isn't in the middle of nowhere like Blandford haha.

  2. Your in Blandford. Ask any of the hundereds of Royal Signals soldiers also in Blandford who have been to these places.
  3. Try and get 7 or 16 before they move back to UK. All too soon there won't be many postings out there.
  4. According to a recent briefing where the man who is closing JHQ and Elmpt made a statement, 2015 is endex for Elmpt. 16 & 7 Sigs will therefore return to UK early 2015 at the latest. Still plenty of time for a posting though. Not sure what opportunities remain at HQ 1 (UK) ADSR in Herford.
  5. You course 08 or 09?

    I'm also interested in the answers, as this is the exact reason I just came on the forum lol.
  6. One would only presume that the reason why the majority of the previous course was posted to Bulford was to make up numbers for the Campaign Signal Regiment. Ask your CoC for further information regarding this.
  7. It was mentioned that 16 is heading back out, and i was wondering whether the whole regiment will go or just a sqn and if so when will they deploy.
    I've been offered a posting (my first) there and i was wanting to get out to Afghan within the next couple of years, whilst combining it with a posting to Germany.
    We've also been offered 1 ADSR , 7 Sigs and 102 log Bde in the fatherland. Any tips on Germany postings greatly appreciated.

  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I know things are grim when someone mentions "1ADSR" and "opportunities" in the same sentence.... :D
  9. Yeah, I think April is the word on the strasse. Thanks for that. Any word on Javelin Barracks, i havent done too much research into it but i hear the social is reasonable with both 7 and 16 in the same location?
  10. 1UKXX
  11. Javelin Barracks is a brilliant location if you care to leave the Camp gates!

    Do not fall into the trap of sitting in your room playing a playstation or whatever and going to Shannons (NAAFI bar).

    It is right on the Dutch border and most pastimes or hobbies are catered for, if not on Camp but within a short drive.

    The social on Camp is good with 2 Regiments and some smaller Units there, but as I said there is loads to do outside of Camp and British Forces Germany is getting much smaller...........
  12. The voice of (bad) experience perchance? :D

  13. HTB you still around then, extolling the virtues of Elmpt Station? As a former resident there on the LSL, my thoughts go to those already deployed and those due to go! I wonder if the Bus Escort or Life Guard problems have abated? UBIQUE.
  14. HTB,

    Thanks for your advice, much appreciated. You echo what i've heard about getting out of the camp gates, which i will be sure to do if my PPP goes the right way and i see myself posted to the fatherland.
  15. I see that not much has changed then since the days when it was RAF Brüggen in the 70s. :D