Germany to Prosecute Auschwitz Guards

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Fingerz, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. Taken their time, haven't they? Most of the codgers will die of old age before the trial gets done.
  3. Must have been the Met investigating it.

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  4. Must be an election due.
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  5. Wicked bastards need sorting even though late.
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  6. It would be great to see ALL brought to justice for the things that they did .No one try to tell me that they did not know what was going on.Even the state of germany recognises that fact by there actions
  7. Of course they knew what was going on. Roadster was suggesting that they were so low down the totem pole that if they'd kicked off about it they'd have ended up in the ovens themselves.

    Would you have refused an order from a Standartenfuhrer whilst standing ten yards from the gas chamber doors?
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  8. In addition to which, you can't apply the morality of today to the products of pre-war Germany. From childhood, their entire lives had been dominated by anti-Jewish propaganda and service to Hitler and Germany.

    They had no basis for determining right from wrong, and no concept of questioning or disobeying orders.
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  9. It really is time it was left alone it serves no purpose at all.

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  10. There's a difference between being actively involved in the gassing of people and being on guard duty on the perimeter fence. Quite what prosecuting 30 blokes who half of them probably can't recall what they had to eat yesterday is good for, I don't know.
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  11. It would be more use going to Rwanda than Germany ... Just saying.
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  12. No, actually they could have got out of it, there are more than a few reports of ss requesting postings away from the camps for reasons various. But its nice and safe behind the lines being a saidest isnt it?

    Wonder why a poster here chose to use the rank of gefreiter as his straw 'everyman' surely SS Sturmmann would have been more appropriate. ...unless trying to blur the line between Heer and SS?

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  13. So you're saying that they could have committed war crimes on the Eastern Front instead of in Auschwitz? And this would be morally preferable because...?
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    If I'm to be shot down on this, Arrse is the site to do it, but I am not aware of any instance during WW2 where a German soldier was subjected to capital punishment for refusing to participate in an atrocity.

    For example:

    Professor Dr Franz Six, in charge of Vorkommando Moskau:
    "During the war a person could at least try to have himself transferred from an Einsatzgruppe. I myself managed to do this successfully… I was not demoted as a result of my transfer and not disadvantaged, apart from remaining on very bad terms with Heydrich until his death. There were without doubt cases where people who were transferred from an Einsatzgruppe suffered disadvantage. I can no longer recall individual cases. None the less, as far as I know, nobody was shot as a result."
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  15. Didn't the American space programe and other science and medical areas get a significant kick up the arrse from various Nazi knowledge? Some gained through nefarious means.

    I've got it paperclipped around here somewhere...

    If they weren't done and hung in the '40s why do it now?
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