germany to england return under £80 plz

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by faction, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. whats the cheapest way i can get from germany (hanover) to england (southampton) on the weekends (leaving fri, comming back sun).

    should i get plane? if so which site?
    go by car? if so how long would it take and cost?

    max i can afford to spend on the journey there and back is £80

    thank you :)
  2. Flybe Hannover to Southampton. You can get it cheap if you book it early enough, about 3 months in advance. They also have a frequent fliers thing. Have a look at the website. Just google flybe
  3. For example Fri 4 April - Sun 07 Apr next year currently at 113 Eurobucks
  4. Well lets see..

    Steal a car from a petrol station just after it has been refueled.

    Drive to Calais.

    Stow away underneath the Eurostar, if you can get in there with all the Albainians and the like under there.

    Jump off in Folkstone.

    Get your self across to the M20 and car jack some little old lady and make her take you to Southhampton.

    Total cost - 1.50 for a coffee whilst waiting for the first car.

    Happy to help.
  5. Get to your local O'Girks. They do a 3 day return on the Dunkerque - Dover ferry for 43 Euros. Of course for legal reasons you should at no point buy Jerry cans and fill them with tax free fuel bought using your fuel coupons instead of paying extortionate UK fuel prices for your return journey

    Hannover to Dunkerque takes 5 and a half hours according to autoroute, Ferry is 2 hours and then it's 2 hours 15 mins to southampton. So if you get an early knock off on a friday (12ish) and taking into account the traffic will be crap then you should get there about 2 in the morning.

    Assuming your return journey will take the same amount of time and being a good soldier you sorted your kit out for monday morning on the thursday evening if you left sunday morning you'd get back at a decent time.

    The milage would work out roughly about 1100 miles which in my car would require 3 tanks of fuel costing 30 euros each.

    Your total cost would be approximately 140 Euros

    You'd be at home for approx 36 hours, say you get your head down as soon as you get in and sleep in till 10 then as you've got a long drive the next day you get your head down at midnight. You're only awake for 14 hours.

    That's 10 Euros per hour.

    Which is more than you get paid.
  6. Don't bother, just go on the lash, in IMHO :wink:

    I did.
  7. get a posting to marchwood, then you can cycle home
  8. Thats OK, if you are RLC. :wink:
  9. Can i just add that if you do the drive only every other weekend that'll have you doing 28600 miles a year minimum so your insurance will go up.

    Oh yeah and don't forget to add the fact that everyone you work with will think you're a ****** for buggering off home every other weekend instead of doing the decent thing and getting mullered with them every weekend.
  10. I thought you were dead, you fat git. Where have you been? Where is my present? Yes, he pushed me.
  11. Whatever.

    The Padre is still there.
  12. Why do you need to go home at teh weekend?

    Like the Bull says, it will cost you a fortune for a very little amount of time. Flying in would be better (less chance of sleeping at the wheel and pranging).

    How often do you plan on going home or is it just a one off ting?
  13. I flew from Bremen to Luton for under 50 euros just recently, but it appears easyjet no longer do this route?!?! Oh well, now I don't know how to get back home.
  14. to see my girlfriend, and most weekends