Germany to close over the next 15 years.

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Outstanding, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. OK so it will happen in 3 phases, confirmed every 5 years to coincide with the new SDSR cycle that will follow each General Election.

    The move of HQ ARRC from JHQ has finally proved that the savings are there to be had in many areas ranging from education, medical, social services and slowly housing as more of us buy our own homes and do away with the need for service housing.

    Militarily the heavy armour will largely go into Whole Fleet Management - which has proven itself to be the way ahead, with a small training fleet that will be provided for the only remaining properly armoured "square" armoured Brigade. Everyone else will be in the light / airmobile role and adapt to any required deployed role as it occurs.

    Units from BFG will be relocated from Germany into the increasing number of vacant RAF bases, which (like Gutersloh) are ideally suited to house multiple units and form super garrisons.

    Obvious really!
  2. Outstanding,

    You know the drill, until you provide a link to back all that up, you are just waffling shite!!:)

    They have been trotting out the line about BAOR closing over the next 15 years for at least the last 20.

  3. Fair point - but you know that I can't substantiate it without dropping myself in the sh!t
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  4. I so hope so, have fun on RAF bases in the middle of nowheresville :)
  5. be interesting to know what's going to happen to Germany as theirs quite a few troops here married to the hun and planning on settling here at the end of service who are well embedded into German communities already.
  6. be also interesting to find out how long its going to take to relocate troops back to UK mainland not to metion the financial cost to buy out of long term contracts made on things like new houses in hohne region, not to mention all the money spent on new z type slam
  7. The plan is based over the next 15 years that will amortise the costs of SLAM in Hohne, Remenber that ARRC have left 4 brand new blocks of SLAM that was only opened 4 years ago in JHQ. As for the German locals - they get Germany back and no longer have to complain about the disgusting British tommies.
  8. 15 years? Working backwards, that would take us to 1995....

    Just a thought, but how long did it take to draw down BAOR back to the UK? I wonder why removing the "rump" would take longer?

    How long did it take to close Osnabruck? As for blocks, there were a fair few built there..... just before the announcement.

    15 years? If they do it, why wait - I would have thought Dr Fox would prefer more alacrity.
  9. well thats good to know that the millions being spent on 2 new regimental headquarters and qms depts in hohne wont be wasted and we may get some time to scuff the carpets. roll on 2016 when i can collect the demob suit'
    however as has been pointed out Dr Fox may well want to move quicker but surely that depends on how quick he can disband the RAF and evict them from their airfields or is that just a cosy rumour.
  10. It is a question of getting the whole thing started. Closure of Oz took about 6 years from flash to bang and the move of the ARRC took just over 4, if you consider they are all back now. The intent is to tie it all to the new SDSR round so that at each stage the next phase can be confirmed. Ideally it may be quicker, but there is a real need to retain balance and at least some stability during the whole thing. The overall savings are huge and can be displayed as being almost continuous over the whole period. Of course this ties in with reducing LOA ad the need for CEA. Depending on how quickly / well Phase One is achieved (Possibly 104 Log Bde) the remainder may be able to be accelerated.
  11. You know it all going badly when they refirbish RHQ!!
  12. Germany to close over the next 15 years.

    So that's 4 million gastarbeiter looking for work in the UK!

    What are they planning to do with their 80 million citizens after the doors are locked and the lights are turned off?
  13. outstanding i tend to agree with you there i remember when we closed Minden in 94 i believe that took 4 or 5 years to achieve as well
  14. i might hasten to add i have nothing againest the RAF and think they are highly effecent at serving in flight horror boxes.
    Is it true they don't have a history only bad habits.
  15. I reckon they will close it quicker - in the next 7 years perhaps with Hohne being first to go.... didn't 4Bde go on tour from Osnabruck and return to Catterick?

    It took 3 years for them from flash to bang. announced Jan 2006, in place Oct 2008.