Germany supplied 'assasination list' to US Special Forces


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Germany gave assassination list to secret US unit | Raw Story

drawn from 'Der Spiegel'-

'the "Joint Prioritized Effects List," was used by the Pentagon's Task Force 373 to target, kill and capture Taliban leaders.

"Thanks to the WikiLeaks revelations, war-weary Germany now knows that German officials added names to the JPEL at least 13 times," the German publication Der Spiegel wrote Monday. "On this list, 13 names translate into 13 potential death warrants. The Germans only mark their candidates with a C for "capture," and not with a K for "kill." But in fact all International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) troops are authorized to shoot and kill candidates on the JPEL list if, for example, they attempt to avoid capture by fleeing. In other words, although German elite troops do not use the kill option themselves, Germany does provide its tacit approval of the killing of candidates in the zone under its control in northern Afghanistan." '
Doesn't every strike op brief start with 'kill or capture'?

Assasin has a nice ring to it though. I might tell people that's what I used to do.
If it was just about arresting the bad guys, the Police would be in charge. The fact that it is an Army-led operation ought to be enough indication that someone is (possibly) going to get shot.
German's have barely got used to their soldier's being in a shooting war, nevermind this sort of thing in the war....
So Der Spiegel is trying to fire up the outrage wagon. So what. Amongst a lot of non-news headlines, on my list of "hardly raising a flicker", this story carries no impact at all.


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At least we're doing something right in Afghanistan.
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