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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Lutyens, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. Hi folks,

    I'm being posted to Germany, and wondered if anyone had experience of the schools out there (we have. 2 year old and a 5year old). Specifically, our two year old has Downs Syndrome and would be great to hear from anyone who is in Germany in a similar position...would be helpful to know how statement etc. has worked out for you.
  2. Is it a Garrison, or are you posted to an ISODET? Either way, get hold of Service Childrens' Education (now at Trenchard Lines) Google them and speak to them . Your 2 year old would need to be 'Statemented' to receive any additional assistance.

    However, depending where you are, there may not be English language services available, however on my last tour at an ISODET, one of my US colleagues had a 4 year old whith Downs Syndrome and he was very well treated in the German Kindergarten and Grundschule system. If services are not available, you might have to consider appealing against your assignment on these grounds, but that could be a career limiting step.
  3. Thanks Crash, appreciate the quick reply.
    We will be in a Garrison and having looked at the Garrison Guides online and website it looks like there is good schools provision. We got hold of SCE yesterday, and we've got the process started for the statement.

    If anyone has any personal experience out there it would be good to hear.

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  5. Lutyens, PM sent.
  6. That last sentence cannot possibly be true...
  7. Have you looked at the AGAI about declaring special needs to your Manning Desk? That way APC have to consider the effect of any Assignment on your family.
  8. Our next-door neighbour in Germany in the 80s had a daughter with special educational needs; he was teeth arms, and hence Garrison. Didn't slow him down too much, he was RSM during GRANBY. Unless RAC Regiments take better care of the Regimental Family than the rest of the Army manages...
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    I know one bleep who was discharged against his will as his only child was severely disabled! Shocking when you consider our OC had a similar sprog yet the army seemed to be able to cope with his issues! The young jnco siggy had no discipline problems and hadn't refused any postings unlike the major! Hopefully its better now!

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  10. Not wishing to hijack a serious thread (but I will), some careers in the Services are clearly more mobile than others, as most of us are aware. Again, most of us are aware of SFA that has been adapted, say, for wheelchair-using dependents and careers of the SP are typically managed around maintaining a degree of geographical stability. However, if a career requires frequent, regular postings (as many officers’ careers do. for example), inevitably there will be some career fall-out but this is very much of a case-by-case basis. Similarly, access to special needs assistance is extremely variable (especially overseas) so longer-term decisions need to be made by the SP. Suffice to say, however, that the Services (and the MOD at large) are much more understanding employers than most in the private sector – there is sympathy, yes, but only up to the point where profits are jeopardised.
  11. Surely a 2 year old won't even be assessed until school starts? The whole point of a statement of educational needs is to ensure that by law, a child receives x amount of support in line with their requirements. I had a posting to Germany turned off (as removals were packing my qtr) because my kids weren't statemented because they weren't that bad, but they were on school action plus which the school in Germany couldn't support. Not being an expert but you might have issues with the cost of any medical treatment the child may need affecting your posting.
  12. As already mentioned, speak to CEAS they have a wealth of knowledge that will assist you and the family. I've been through SEN in BFG and if you want any information PM me and I'll help you where I can. It's a minefield and all the help you can get the better.
  13. Thanks for all your helpful replies...we've been in touch with CEAS and that side of things is progressing. Although she is only two CEAS say it needs sorting before we get to Germany, but pragmatically it won't be a major issue until she starts school. Anyway, my unit being very helpful and reassuring...

    Scruff 2..thanks...but didn't see a PM...
    ACC...will pm you soon...just having a chat with Mrs Lutyens...see what questions she's got.

    thanks again...didn't think I'd get much of a response, but happily surprised.