Germany: Soldier gets probation for deadly gun accident

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by on_leave, Oct 27, 2011.

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  1. NEVER point a weapon at anyone, even in jest!
  2. The Taliban will be mighty pleased when that rule gets sanctioned.
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  3. ...except when your task requires it.

    Handbook rule one for handling of weapons.
  4. we just shouldnt issue hand guns anymore. we must've ND'd more rounds from them than we've fired at the enemy and we've probably shot more of our own as well
  5. Unless it's a press photographer....

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  6. TBH the odds are stacked in favour of the photographer, even at this distance "Moss" is likely to miss...
    Poor drills on the German though, usually only the yanks are that daft.
  7. Lets put it this way. His defense tactic of claiming that he has not been trained properly, was a non starter.
  8. Wasn't there an occasion a few years ago in Iraq where a british soldier was shot in the head with a sniper rifle at close range in the accommodation?
  9. Smoking in the place of work!!!!
  10. Yeah, don't they know that smoking kills? :nod:
  11. a bloke i know ND'd through the tent after fannying around with a sig had pointed it at someone just before he fired. he later said he didnt actually know why he didnt pull the trigger (he did think it was clear incidentally) and that it was pure chance that he hadnt shot him in the face from 3ft, which was a shame because that lad was useless
  12. Oh yes..............!!

    There was the case of the Police Chief who was in his office dry firing his unloaded weapon. He finished, reloaded, was just about to holster when the phone rang. He answered, waffled for a good few minutes, put the phone down and because his thought process had been interupted he picked up his pistol to dry fire again. That was a fatal interuption for the guy in the nextdoor office. Said Police Chief has apparently gone on to forge a career as a gun writer, I shit thee not.

    Two weeks ago on a pistol course, one of the septic numpties was re-holstering with his finger on the trigger, it caught the holster and he nearly shot his foot off. True, I was in the next lane.
  13. wasnt there a firearms officer who recently shot a civvi contractor he was giving a demo to in the chest?
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Yes it was disscussed on here IIRC one of the lads thought uit looked cool so picked it up and was ******* about with it when it went off.

    I worked with a girl whose brother was shot and killed in an unload bay by his mate ******* about.

    I stil remember the video we saw of the guys in Ireland where he shouts "steady" to the Bedford driver and the lad makes ready, forgets and shoots his mate in the accomodation.