Germany says it has a right to a homeland Poland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trotsky, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer


    After committing the world's greatest genocide, invading all of Europe and getting to within a hairs-breadth of taking Russia and the UK, the are now complaining that the Polish weren't very nice to their people because they expelled them from the new Poland after Germany got defeated.

    These box-heads need to think very carefully about how the Polish COULD have treated them. They could, for example, have put the Germans into ghettos, before literally carting them off to concentration camps with gas chambers.

    I think that if the box-heads kick off in Europe just once more, we should make the place uninhabitable for the next 20,000 years, by anyone, and completely exterminate these fcuker in the process.

    Once - put it down to ambition.
    Twice - it's getting rather annoying.
    Three times? Three strikes and you're out.
  2. It depends on when you drew the borders. There was a time when most of what is now Poland used to be Germany.

    Having said that, there was a time when the court of England spoke French. Did you know that Queen Victoria only spoke German when she took the throne? She had to learn English.

    Still, it will give the economy a much needed boost.
  3. Germany didn't exist until ca. 1871, so I don't think the cheeky buggrs have too much of a claim.

    The Prussians on the other hand....
  4. The Boxheed gobment, like all other gobments is looking for anything to draw attention away from their colossal cock-ups.

    If you take a butcher's here:, you'll see that the Federation of Displaced Boxheeds has been saying this all along and at the same time has been screwing loadsa dosh out of the gobment for yonks. It was they who started the "Dreigeteilt - Niemals!" campaign in the early Sixties, which the NPD (von Thadden) Nazi party picked up on to such effect.

    It says something for their influence, however, that displaced Boxheeds are now in the third and fourth generation and still claiming dosh.

  5. They should try taking Koenigs...I mean Kaliningrad back off the Russkies if they want a new Ostland! 'Cept Berlin would get an SS-18 up the bracket so they pick on the Poles instead...
  6. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Well they haven't metioned the Sudetenland............. Yet!
  7. Poor refugees in their camps... moment of silence
  8. Here we go again the German version of Golf, first drive to the East then finish up in a Bunker.
  9. This is electioneering. There will be a federal election in Germany in September. The CDU are trying to score a few early points by courting the right-ish pressure groups and attempting to deflect the far right parties who are more likely to pick up votes in what was the old East Germany.

    Merkel and the CDU are not after the restoration of Silesia, Pomerania etc. Part of the price that the USSR extracted for permitting German re-unification was that Berlin formally recognise the post 1945 borders and abandon any residual claims to lands that it lost in 1918 and 1945.
  10. Oh they have:
  11. Are you sure about that, mucker? As far as I understand it, all those issues were officially regulated between 1963 and 1973. See here for a timeline:

    But I could be wrong

  12. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Ah well, anyone got a spare SMLE I could borrow?
  13. Who did they agree that with though? The UN or just the USSR?
  14. True.

    Not true.