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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by MAD_FERRET, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Sirs, ladies gents

    Sensible answers please....

    Right, lm looking at renting in the town, and looking at inviting the girlfriend of 7 years over post op tour

    What implications / stumbling blocks are there with her living with me, getting work etc?

    Completely new too all this, and refuse to accept the fact that the only answer is 'get married'.

    What experiences has others had as l am surely not the only one in this position?
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  3. Where? What does she do? Does she speak German? I've lived here on and off for the last 10 years PM me if you need advice or try this site.
  4. Mate the guys are paying about €400 for a massive 3 bed place you can get cheaper but these places are in good areas for work etc. As for work etc she really needs to be fluent in german or try for a DEL slot on one of the camps (thats one of the jobs where the army employs local civvies).
    She'll need med insurance etc as she wont be able to use the med centres.
    Also she wont be allowed to drive your bfg car (even if shes insured as she is not entitled to bfg status).
    We do have a fair few guys who live out and they all seem to get by so it is do-able mate and if marriage isnt for you then fair one its not for all is it.
  5. Cheers Heart stopper, thanks for the info.

    Next question (lol)...

    Some of the JPA' gurus may know this, basically lm looking at the following to get my kit out there:

    Van hire over 4 days £114.00 (rtn to uk)
    Eurostar £132.00 (rtn)
    Fuel circa £250 ish

    What can l claim back, if anything??

    Some are saying l can get an allowance for transport etc, ammusingly named PAP, and some are saying l can claim sod all.

    I'd sooner get my kit out there in a one'r, as opposed to it getting MOF'd alles uber.

    Experience's or advice anyone?
  6. Not 100% sure this is correct as I don't do the JPA HR side of life, but got a warm fuzzy feeling this is about as good as it gets:

    Single Soldier Disturbance Allowance - 85-95 quid (-ish).

    Reimbursement of own travel = max of one way Trooping Flight Cost (I think this is in the 90-110 quid range)

    Apologies for the rough figures but there won't be much more in it,

  7. MFO is pretty quick these days, should take around a week IIRC. Got to be cheaper than Van hire and the like.
  8. By the looks of it I'd say that you are already at your unit so does this count as a singlie posted in package or is it something you are doing mid-posting. If you haven't yet then I suggest get her over for a couple of weeks, stay with some friends, then shoot off to the Alps for a week, another week back in the Garrison and then see what she thinks. Renting is under a contract that has finanical implications if you don't fulfil the contract.
  9. She could always get a job with NAAFI when she gets here and then become a UKBC. She will then get med insurance for AOK. I live in Germany now but as a DEL (on the German net), so I wouldn't know for sure but there are veterans here that have built houses in Germany and now work for NAAFI, so it is possible.
  10. If she's got UK citizenship, your girlfriend's got no problem with AOK cards (health insurance): she just needs to write to HMRC in Newcastle and will get a form that transfers her from UK National Insurance to the AOK and the German social security system.

    She'll be heavily taxed (starting rate for a singlie is 40%) but can claim just about everything against the tax bill if she gets a half decent tax adviser.

    As for jobs, it depends. Few employers will touch someone who doesn't speak good German, but it's worth going onto the expat bit of the Telegraph's web site ( because there are vacancies advertised there. Otherwise, try the local Job Centre (no joke, they've got a link to their German counterparts).