Germany Presses for Stable Afgn, Handover of Responsibility

The principle of the German involvement in Afghanistan is "handover of responsibilities:" the Afghan people must take over responsibility for their country
step by step, in clearly defined stages, and setting
intermediate goals. This way, it will become possible to reduce
German military involvement.

In his inaugural address, Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai issued a
declaration of commitment to do just that. The German government wants
to take him at his word.

Whether the international efforts are successful depends on whether
Afghanistan is able to take responsibility for security in the country.
The experts speak of "self-sufficient security." This is the only way
Afghanistan can develop into a democratic and independent country.

The international community will be discussing how to reach this goal
quickly at the Afghanistan conference on January 28th in London.
Afghanistan will of course be involved when specific steps and
milestones are set.

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