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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by hender214, May 5, 2012.

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  1. Basically im after a bit of info into where is the best place to get posted to in Germany? im REME but i dont want to go to a Bn im after and LAD det but i dont want to go to somewhere that is relocating soon want to be out there for as long as possible. Im young and single so accom isnt a issue want somewhere with loads of birds and a good night out and a decent reg im into phys so fancy a infantry reg. Any help on this would be mint cheers.
  2. cheers mate
  3. Your talking like you have a choice? Just picked up my full screw and my neg choice was Germany because of the family, so Glasgow post me to Elmpt in Germany.
  4. Of course he's got a choice, he may not get it but he still gets a choice. OP try and get a posting to Paderborn/Sennelager you will have an awesome time. It doesn't matter what unit you get as you've nothing to compare it to, just enjoy Germany while it lasts if you're lucky enough to be posted there.
  5. Now this really pisses me off!

    There are guys who would love to go to Germany and the Army dont bother there arse to work out what would be a win-win for everyone. Better to have miserable ***** serving where they dont want to be apparently.

  6. I bet you're a right laugh on the piss.
  7. Sorry sweetheart,

    Didnt mean to bore you, didnt realise I was in the ******* comedy section of the forum.

    Just giving my opinion on the subject but I 'll keep it to myself in future.

  8. Well i got gutersloh in germany so guess il just see what its like put down paderbourn i was one of the only ones that didnt get exactly what they wanted but **** it. Im young and single and going to germany what could go wrong ehh ha
  9. At least it's Germany, enjoy.
  10. ******* hell Don Carlo, calm down dear!

    I didnt want Germany because my family doesnt want to move out of the country.
  11. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Bielefeld. Good night out, some great restaurants, if married - good shopping for your totty, if not married, university town so plenty of German totty, tram system to town just down the road from Catterick Barracks, if you like phys you get the Ridge which is a ball-breaker, not too far up the A2 so drive to UK not too bad.

    However, 7 Regt RLC move to UK 2013 LAD goes with them.. Not sure about the REME company in Rochdale Bks. Not sure who is moving into Bielefeld as part of the Germany reorg. Probably worth giving the 7 Regt LAD a call.
  12. 'young and single and going to Germany'. You lucky Bastard!. Christ, they were the days!!!
  13. Nothing wrong with Gutersloh. PRB or Mansergh?