Germany postings, how do i get one?

Can someone tell me how I can go about getting a posting to jolly old Guterslog, due to the fact that i don't fill the main criteria. They are;

1. I don't know the 'sugar daddy' in 1 Regt
2. My wife isn't a member of the master race.
3. I can't find the inside track to Glasgow.
and finally I haven't spent all my Army career languishing in that Regt, like some people.  
::) ::) Sunny Guterslog, now that was a posting i enjoyed. Down the bop bit of boxing match with some loggies and then onto sammy's.
I popped into guterslog two weeks ago, boy has it changed.  ;D ;D
BTW, one of the darling trogs had a bit of a coming together the other night whilst frequenting said out of camp establishment, IM me if you wish to hear further. It really boggles the mind!
he is still with his wife, and the reason they stayed in Germany was due to the CO saying that his wife had suffered enough. So obviously he couldn't do with the loss of LOA, and all the benifits that come from living in Germany. He must have a massive tongue.......
Dr Evil

That isn't very nice is it.  I'll have to come across in my nice shiny brand new tax free car, smoke a few tax free tabs on the way. get home and quaff my tax free booze and then I would have said sort you out but that means I would use more of my tax free fuel travelling to whatever expensive area of rip off UK you have to fork out on.  I'll stay at home and watch my Sky TV in my Huge Pad or nip to my bar in the CELLAR stocked with nice but inexpensive beer and spirits.  Or I'll go for a drink in one of the nouveau theme bars where it will still cost half of what you pay in the UK.  Or I'll go for a meal with my wife which will cost next to nothing and still have money left for a taxi journey home.  

Use the force and find the daddy its worth it. Otherwise work for it.
Happy to say Im extended here for a few years.  But all the dross about tax free goods falls into oblivion when you see how the euro has struck.  You can now only get a car every 24 months, the only thing not stopping you getting in the NAAFI is the Goose Stepping Naafi staff with the machine guns demanding your ID or Ration card for everything.  Ration card for toilet paper last week.  If you want some fags, you go through the spanish inquisition.  DVDs cost more and if you want to get it tax free down town you have to make the trip of hell to the Base Admin Office for a tax off form.  One step out of line and they have you.  They make you fill in a form so you can hand it to the clk. they then transfer the details onto the computer. Hello ! What a waste of time.  I,ve ripped up the last 3 tax forms cos I got sick of waiting for up to 45 mins to be seen.  

IYes there are some good things over here and I,d be a liar if I said there wasn,t. But try living in Andover or salisbury for a few years and compare it to Dishcloth.  There is a massive devide.  You need LOA for down south.

Theres no sugar daddy and I am the last person to call records.  Yes my wife is german. I speak german and worked hard to learn it to the level I have.   What have those who like to have a good pot shot done to deserve their postings? Or rather, when was the last time they looked at how long they have been in the UK in the same regt in the same house with lots of stability.

Those who have not sinned cast the first stone, but remember not to throw them in glass houses.
Then again you could be unlucky enough to be posted here:

1) Constant +32 deg

2) Cheap booze

3) DVD's are about £4 each ( I think I have well over 200 now)

4) Great travel opportunities

5) LOA of about £30+

6) Cheap electrical goods

7) Constant work load, with the opportunity to take all your leave and get back on courses.

8) High servicibility rate ( Due to All the hard work from the REME's.....................................but not for much longer!)

9) Work with/in a civvie registered type

10) Did I mention the Sun!!

But they still have trouble filling the slots here, like the two pilots slots being advertised by signal at the moment.

Still if you are happy being ripped off in UK, or in the Snow at Gut.......................................................I mean no-one joins the Army to travel now do they?
I didn't know that Ireland was so hot nowadays..........
Murph, you forgot too mention the lack of tasty women, decent pubs and clubs etc.

you also failed tomention the extremely hard beasties that fly around like b52 bombers etc along with the snakes and spiders etc.

the grass is always greener..............

;D :D ;D
By the way if anyone on this forum is still based at 1 regt ,next time you see the CO's driver slap him around the head and tell him i said Nig...cheers...
walla  ::) ::)
By the way if anyone on this forum is still based at 1 regt ,next time you see the CO's driver slap him around the head and tell him i said Nig...cheers...
   not a problem, in fact i could have him beasted by the good old RP staff if you wish.


In our mob if you threaten to sign off, MCM Div will post you anywhere you want, oh and make you up! So transfer, where do you fancy?-BATUS, Belize or Cyprus?


You could ask a certain WO2, who is due to go back out there after spending a couple of years at Middle Wallop. Apparently he spent a few years out there, fancied a spell back at Middle Wallop and is shortly to return to sunny gutersloh. :D

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