germany pads address fally

Discussion in 'REME' started by dombooth188, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. hi i am in fally mid september and have just recieved my new address which is goethering street. just wondered if any one knoes if its any good or one of the many dumps.
  2. dombooth, maybe delete this thread, you have just given away your home address!!
  3. Just chose a stree name on that estate and Not given the house number would find it hard to pic it out would have thought
  4. I retract my previous thoughts, well done.
  5. Don't think he's giving away anything "the enemy" don't already know . Pads Estates are hardly difficult to spot and given that they have been there for nearly 60 years I suspect they will have done thier CTR already.
  6. I was reading too fast and thought he'd given his address out, not much fun receiving many items of tat from the Sunday magazines etc. The 'enemy' do probably have the design plans.
  7. I used to live in the Heidemarkt estate in Fally.

    It was ok, handy for the supermarkets and road to Walsrode.

    It had its own wee bar, the 2's Bar, which was always handy on a Friday and Saturday night.

    Fine for a brisk stroll in to the Copper Kettle and not too expensive for the drunken taxi ride back.
  8. Heidmark was OK for the reasons said above - think youre over the other side of town in the older area?
  9. thats what i am trying to pin point the area as i have heard there is many turks and general wasters in some areas and i got the feeling it will be in that one
  10. Watch out for huge fat ugly munters, wearing trainers and track suits, with scottish accents, normally seen pushing prams around Fallingbostel Town Centre!
  11. Yep you are out of back gate and turn left not the most desirable quarter area in fally but they are of a decent size for flats, pm me if you want any more info.
    Like all have said in your other thread theres not much in Fally but loads around the area just get out there and do something rather than sitting in one of the several shithole bars that are here and moaning that its shit.
    Good luck.
  12. hello mate i live in fally on geothering flats are ok estate is crap full of turks but it's within walking distance of camp
  13. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    That estate used to have an excellent Schnell Imbus, but that was 86-89. Town had a great ice cream shop too, with Spagetti ice! HERENHAUSER BEER, best going, VELTINS a close second. Like all say, get out and about, there is plenty to see - Celle, Hannover, Bremen, Hamburg. If you yearn for fish in batter (not sure if chippy vans still exist for the estates?), then nip over the Dutch border on a Saturday to the market at Enschede. There is also a man made beach with a lake which someone on here will know the name of it, handy for those hot summer days
  14. sudsee... up on range road and top draw for pikey/cara vans or just a day out with the family

    Südsee-Camp Camping & Bungalowpark Lüneburger Heide Niedersachsen
  15. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Suedsee, that is the one. Changed a fair bit since my day, but a good day out for the family without too much 'are we there yet'!