Germany needs a nuclear arsenal of its own

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Jan 27, 2006.

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    It looks like everybody want to climb aboard the moonshine wagon now!

    How close did the Boche ever get to an actual nuke?

    I never knew they wanted one after WW2..
  2. Exclusive- 68yr old bloke who was a minister for 5 minutes, the better part of two decades ago, goes on a ramble.

    I bet it raised a few eye-brows among the other people stood in the bus queue. :wink:

    It'll never happen. Germany has NATO for that sort of thing and absolutely no desire to increase defence spending on something that is as redundant and expensive as a nuclear weapons programme.
  3. Shurely what the EU wants is a EU Nuc and no national toys. Oh plus of course the Seat at the big table to replace Britian and the frogs.
  4. The Krauts were ahead of the Allies in developing atomic weapons for much of early WW2. They had the knowledge, but a British commando raid on their heavy water manufacturing plant in norway fcuked the entire operation. Good job i suppose.

    In fact the russian atomic programme was pretty much based on the germans research.
  5. Blimey. 8O

    Can you imagine the Russian reaction to the Germans having Nukes. 8O
  6. That's right. Give the children nice sharp knives to play with why don't you.
  7. NO, I can't imagine how or why the Russian's may or may not react to a Germany who is armed with nuke's!!??

    They may cut the gas supply though. :lol:

  8. It also begs the question where the materials for it are going to come from seeing as the reactors in germany are being shut down due to Schröder giving in to the greens IIRC.

    Don't think they have a secret stash of the stuff anywhere and I recon it could be quite pricey to source otherwise...
  9. It's ok, Iran's got plenty lying about :D
  10. Wouldn't surprise me to find they'd been squirreling it away, like the Japanese....they have nukes too, y'know? We know the specs of their nuclear reactors and how much waste they produce. Japan has no facility like Sellafield 'in country' and thus needs to export its nasty glow-in-the-dark stuff for processing.
    However, only a token amount of their plutonium and uranium appears to surface at the reprocessor. Nukes? Probably not. Nuclear components? Almost certainly. The brief of the Jietai (Japanese SDF) is to hold strategic points against an invader for 2 weeks. Why only 2 weeks? The forces the septics could mobilise in time wouldn't amount to much...its so the Japanese eggheads can screw the bits together and fire / drop the bomb on North Korea or whoever else was giving them grief...

  11. Nova a PBS series did a special on the commando raid you are talking about. They have a pretty good web site on the whole operation
  12. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Can you imagine the launch decision committee -: a massive thermo-nuclear strike inbound to Europe. The committee meets to decide whether to retaliate; the Italians will turn up late, the Belgians will be hiding under the table, and the Austrians will abstain because their neutral. During the pre-meeting meeting to determine procedure the French will walk out because the discussions will take place in English and the Germans will send a Green Party member who'll be complaining that a retaliatory strike will harm the ecology of the enemy. They'll still be arguing about whether to break for lunch or work through when 20 megatonnes of instant sunshine detonates above their heads.

    The EU shouldn't be trusted with a rusty penknife
  13. If they speak to Dubya Bush he could send a few at the push of a button :lol:
    anything to help keep America safe?
  14. Bouillabaisse
    You obviously are not use to my sarcastic manner, The EU is an idea of the old socialists to get their party activists running Europe. IMHO.
    "The EU shouldn't be trusted with a rusty penknife"
    How Wucking true.
  15. Just for the record and to stand up for the Fish Heads, it was 9 Norwegians who did the deed. The website link (thanks NEO CON) is excellent, and also describes the subsequent sinking of the "HYDRO" ferry on Lake Tinn the following year. It also goes on to describe the recovery of a drum of Heavy Water, featured in a documentary shown last year.