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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Cordoba, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. What does everyone think of this?:

    It is just a shame that our glorious goverment doesn't see fit to reward the service of those of us who protected the continent along the IGB. Thousands of British troops served there and the USSR would have had a free hand without us. Conditions could be arduous (SOLTAU ANYONE??) and the potential THREAT was high. I think recognition for our sacrifice is long OVERDUE. This medal could go some way to soothing hurt feelings of thousands of BAOR vets.
  2. Bling! however I sometimes think there should have been some form of recognition for BAOR/BFG
  3. I want mine with bars on I mean real bars
  4. I want a 'Cadet Forces' medal... that'll go real nice with my 'Cycling Proficiency' medal
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  5. Maybe two and a half years ago, there was something there.

    Oh, and you can poke your Germany medal unless there's also an Italy one. And a Canada one. In fact, how about one for each continent with bars for the individual locations.
  6. Fixed, gratis
  7. I agree, Wolfgangs bratties were a bastard.

    Christ on a fucking stick, I never realised that there were so many vets in BAOR. I served over 10 years from 1977 and didn't meet one. Mind you I wasn't a dog handler, so that probably accounts for that anomaly.

    Seriously though.

    Take your 'Germany Medal' and stick it up your arrse.
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  8. Nice, especially when worn with the correct headgear!

  9. Are there instructions on how to wear that headgear?
    I would hate to look a fool by having it on the wrong way round.....
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  10. How about the Deep Frozen Todger medal ,for winter service in Vogelsang, The Rampenloch medal for service in Minden
  11. What do I think?

    I think it’s a stupid idea.

    If you look at history it becomes obvious that as NATO believed that the Warsaw Pack MAY attack the West, the Soviets’ firmly believed that NATO WOULD attack the East. Clearly putting the West as the aggressors.

    Now, as the aggressors didn’t attack, it could be said that the defenders actually won the Cold War, in other words we (NATO) lost.

    The fact that Communism failed and it eventually lead to the breakup of the Warsaw is a side issue because by that time they had stayed off the aggressors. Just look at the incident in Sep 1983.

    So in short you want a medal for loosing a war whilst getting tax free fuel, fags, booze and cars.

    We award medals for campaigns and Operations not postings!
  12. I have been on Ops as part of the cold war, no medals were issued for that.
  13. FF It wasn't a posting, it was like hell!