Germany LOA (& LSA)

Hi all, I only seem to post when whinging about pay issues but so far this site has been invaluable. Without further ado...

I commissioned on 12th Dec '08, assigned to 7 Sig Regt in Elmpt as of 13th Dec '08 (according to JPA) but in actuality not until mid-August '09 once attachment & Troopies course are finished.

Since then I've been on LOA, as JPA says I'm administratively posted to Germany with immediate effect. Fair one, however...

Friend A, who's to post to 1 Div (Herford) at the same time, has been on LOA AND LSA (the argument being that he's away from his unit), whereas Friend B, to post to 16 Sig Regt (Elmpt) has so far received squat.

Obviously each unit's RAO has a different take on this. Who's in the right?

Professional opinions appreciated!
You are not entitled to anything - as you will no doubt soon find out when what you have had comes off you. No LOA as you are not physically in Germany. No LSA or IE as you are 'Under Phase 2 Trg'

Sorry :eek:
Ah, how little times have changed! About 5 years ago, I was in a similar boat (posted Cyprus, sent to Germany on attachment, then Tp Comds Course) and I received LSSA (as it was then) and the reduced rate of LOA for my attachment AND my Troopies Course. Ker-ching!

Perversely enough, my oppo, who was doing the same thing in reverse (posted Germany, attached to Cyprus then Troopies) received diddly squat.

Bizarrely, we both took our cases to the Clerks at Blandford and told we were both being paid correctly. :?

I made up for it by buying him a beer with my LSSA… :D

Not really much help, but as you quite rightly say, it’s all down to how your RAO interprets these things… I would buy him a beer and “encourage” him to see things your way! :wink:

Oh, and there's nothing in JSP 752 that says you can't claim I.E. instead.

Edited to add the bit about I.E.


Can anyone shed any light on what LOA/Allowances Soldiers recieve at present?


OC - The mistake you made was not going to your unit prior to your training! I knew a number of Cav who did a week in Regt before their troopies and got themselves signed up for LOA and LSA - the LOA drops to residual rates and should not disappear completely. Having said that the Gunners do not get given their Regts until the middle of their YOs' course and so are not entitled to LOA/LSA until they arrive at their unit.

JPA - a funny old world!


Los Cojones,

I'm sure your RAO could - go see him.

Or the Manual of Pay and Allowances, of which the RAOWO will have a copy.

Is that journo I smell?



Unfortunately not- Like myself she is in the Australian Army.........


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LOA has very specific rules in accordance with the 182 day rule. how long is your course?