Germany, is it the same?

no its full of gobshite nigs who can't handle a decent pint of ale. as for the seniors..... no spine. empire building i think is the phrase.

Im staying firmly put here in the UK until my run out date and then...well who knows where?

Nice to see your stilled Pee'd

Regards to all
depends on your outlook on life...... if getting shafted by @nal tw@ts is your thing then i suppose you'd quite like it!!!!! most of the best blokes in the regt have been posted out, possibly to cutback on the morale issue problems from the qm's :wink:
So, in answer to your question Muttley, no, it's not a good posting because it's full of whinging fcukers who probably stay on camp and don't get out and experience life in a different country.
of course its a good posting, its one of the last "sunshine"postings left. loa ,cheep fags,cheep beer and whores ... what more can a bloke ask for?
as for boring twats who dont get out, theres loads of those putting the place down and dragging moral with it.its what you make it and if you dont like it sod off to what-a-shame or dishcloth.only downfall is the loggies....favourite watering holes are now off limits due to them. :evil:
Its a great posting! Its only the nfgs who can't be arsed with getting out of barracks to enjoy it and then constantly wingeing about it that ruin it. Feck em, get out there and make the most of it. :)
Bigearsinheaven is now dead due to the selfish actions of the management of the site and the fact that I forgot my password. Now The warden has been born from the ashes to spread the good word about the Fatherland. But I'm back as a crow now. Crow - crow instructor - crow. how friggin ironic.

1. Madmax - I hope you're not talking about me cos I was one of you're chain of command. Indirectly but trust me I was, if you were there before Jan 03. If you really think I'm or was a spineless empire builder, let's have a chat the next time I drive to Gütersloh.

2. Lord Flash - Maples and Bosnia and Medina Appartment parties. Born of a time when germany was even better than it is now.

3. Bowsermong - With an attitude like yours, no doubt you'll be rubbing barrier cream into your hands for the rest of your Army career. Or did you ever have one? If you've got a gripe with the command chain then have the balls to stand up and tell someone. If you don't you'll stay a sad git. If you do take heed of this and think about the future you will learn why JNCO's, SNCO's and Officers make the some of the decisions they do. With great power comes great responsibility young parker!!!!!!!!!!!

As for the so called boring nigs who dont get out...........Everyone starts somewhere. All of us were boring nigs who didn't do what the big boys did. Leave them to get on with things and they'll pick up on life just as much as we all did. I for one have seen some good blokes come and go and some of these boring nigs turned out to be the best party animals going. And there goes on the circle of life.

As for the sunshine posting aspect. Yes it's got better over the last few years, the regiment travelling to such places as Romania, Slovakia, MALLORCA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All inclusive to boot.

Don't knock it till you've tried it and if you don't know people there then dont insult them cos one day they'll find out who is behind the nickname and get the boys around. I'm away from it now but had many good years there on and off. Still in Germany though. 15 year posting thankyou very much. So to all those who do not want the concessions and would rather spend wads on fags, booze and cars. Crack on, I'll have your share. As far as I am concerned you can shove the UK.

wots the matter??? too near the truth???????? you know the score, it's not every one in the rank it's only certain people so if you can't hack a bit of baiting..........
wots the matter??? too near the truth???????? you know the score, it's not every one in the rank it's only certain people so if you can't hack a bit of baiting..........
No, your mindless drivel would not be considered baiting old chap. Badger baiting, now thats a different matter....
Hey there Flash...........nice to see my absence hasnt had any effect on your razor blunt wit!!!!!!!!

Nice to be back.

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