Germany Braces For A Mumbai-Style Attack

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MAD_FERRET, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. On Sky news and BBC News now, however on German News networks they are advising that Christmas markets are highly likely to be on the hit list.

    The German interior minister has issued a warning that there were "concrete indications of a series of attacks planned for the end of November".

    The threat is to Germany - but already French and British security services have been put on a higher state of alert after getting similar warnings from agents.

    Given that the intelligence received by Germany from an ally is deemed to be "concrete", it is safe to assume this is the latest phase in an effort to unleash carnage on the scale of the Mumbai massacres, in which 178 people were killed and over 300 injured.

    German authorities have stepped up security at airports and railway stations.

    But Western intelligence agencies have long recognised their countries are vulnerable to armed multiple attacks on crowded areas.

    They recall the terror in India was unleashed at 10 different locations.

    Radical Islamists, carrying authentic European passports, have been very hard to track.

    But, on October 4, eight Germans were killed in two American drone strikes in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Area - the semi-lawless badlands along the Afghan border.

    This followed the arrest of another German citizen in Afghanistan, who revealed details of planned attacks in Europe to Western intelligence officers in July.

    A major problem for any groups hoping to use rifles and grenades in an attack inside the UK is the simple difficulty of obtaining the weaponry.

    Small arms are relatively easy to obtain in mainland Europe, or from neighbouring states, and to smuggle across borders.

    "There has been a steady trickle of volunteers heading for training in places like Pakistan," a Western security source said.

    "They are potentially great assets to the terrorists because they are able to get back into their home countries much more easily than foreigners."

    The insider added: "It's not a case of if - but when."

    Sources also warned that terrorist groups are working on new forms of attack that have not been seen before
  2. Might take some CBA to the local market! Never thought l'd need that to get the Frau a pair of frillies for Xmas!
  3. Germans will do the usual thing, go to the town they came from, execute 10 for every German killed.
  4. Her indoors is off to Germany for the markets on 3rd Dec....fingers crossed
  5. Just make sure those executed are of the right persuasion, why stop at 10? :)
  6. Officials say they have intercepted a suspicious object on board a plane from Namibia to Germany.

    The object was found with a detonator and running clock in luggage on an Air Berlin flight from Windhoek to Munich.

    Germany's Federal Crime Office (BKA) said it is unclear if any ignitable explosive material was also discovered on Wednesday on the Airbus plane.

    The country stepped up security measures this week after saying it had received intelligence pointing to a planned attack in the country towards the end of this month.
  7. Do you have a Link?
  8. Cant beat contradicting News companies! I will keep you all informed, lm on Air Berlin squaddie express at the weekend!
  9. If it happens, it happens...I'm****ed if I'm going to change the way I live my life here, over this!
  10. Exactamundo - Terrorfying terrorists - jog, and move on.

  11. Yeah, you're more than likely right, but Dortmund has the largest Christmas tree in the World, so that would be an interesting one as well....except all the civvies going "where the **** is Dortmund??" :grin:

    Now as for the Currywurst...........
  12. How do you brace for a Mumbai style attack?

    Or should I ask in the NAAFI?
  13. Geographical confusion that would have to be a Dehli style attack.