Germany: Avalanche kills British soldier

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. Germany: Avalanche kills British soldier

    Thursday, 04 February 2010
    BERLIN (AP) — Police say an avalanche in southern Germany trapped three British soldiers, killing one.
    Police spokesman Christian Owsinski in the city of Kempten says that a group of 27 British troops on a weeklong backcountry ski training exercise in the Bavarian Alps was surprised by an avalanche Thursday.

    The avalanche, which struck at an altitude of 5.000 feet (1.500 meters) when the group was skiing down the Riedbergerhorn mountain, engulfed three Britons.

    Two of them could be dug out of the snow rapidly by their comrades, but a third soldier was later found unconscious. Rescue attempts failed.

    Paramedics brought in by helicopter later declared him dead. Police did not release the soldier's identities in line with German privacy laws.

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  2. Bloody hell....RIP.

    Perhaps skiing from Sonthofen?
  3. There but for the Grace of God go I.

  4. Any other info? I have a (serving) neice snowboarding down there at the minute, im assuming the lack of phone calls is good news for me anyway, sorry not trying to sound happy, but you get my point.

    Edit, apologies, didnt read correctly "him"


    Rest well lad.
  5. RIP
  6. Info elsewhere (BBC link) suggests that the deceased is a member of the light blue, may he rest easy.
  7. RIP, I have been skiing in the same area, what a tragedy.
  8. I0 O Clock News also referred to fatality as RAF. RIP
  9. Terrible news RIP.
  10. RIP
  11. I think a fair few of us have been skiiing in and around that area, I;ve been several times and with my family too.

  12. Was a rockape from 15 sqn RAF REGIMENT R.I.P. PER ARDUA
  13. Rest In Peace