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Just a little question. Has anyone been skiing in the Allgau in Germany?
I'm going there this Sunday with the TA's and i'm just wondering if anyone can give me a heads up.

Pretty good. Downhilling on ze Nebelhorn etc ist ein giraffe. Local Bosche hostipals are always standing by for Brit novices who say "fcuk the nursery slopes, Black Runs here we come". Sonthofen ist normally voll mit ex SS in hiding, und around ze corner in Garmisch you have PX Land and Der Fuhrer's sun terrace (he was always first to the loungers). The locals all speak Geman, but like to be talked to in loud, slow English. They love to be called "Pimmelkopf". Enjoy.
Do try the local cusine - 'Hubschrauber mit Pommes-Frites' and 'Zündkerze Frikadella' are very good.
Ah cheers!

I've never skied before. I can see it all goin balls up for me!
Did you just tell me to order a helicopter and a spark plug? I'm sure i'd love that! :|
Any other Helpful information? :D

buckethead_girl said:
Just a little question. Has anyone been skiing in the Allgau in Germany?
I'm going there this Sunday with the TA's and i'm just wondering if anyone can give me a heads up.

If you are going with the TA, I would have thought that they would have planned everything! Try Google for:

Gunzesried (also guenzesried)

for the snow conditions. Most slopes are low down and up to medium difficulty, although the Hochgrat has a north face that will give you a severe sense of humour failure when you see it! (currently 50-80cms of snow and -7C - so take some warm clothing)!

I strongly recommend that, if you are not down there to learn to ski, you don't go to the slopes, hire skis and try to teach yourself! That's the way to a twisted knee or worse! Find an instructor and a training slope!

You only need a few words of German:

Achtung - would you please excuse me, I am in a bit of a hurry
Bier - as in ein Bier, zwei Bier, drei Bier
Frites - as in pommes frites or chips
Bitte - please
Danke - thank you
Toilette - toilet
The words are pronounced much as they appear on paper - all the syllables are pronounced - except perhaps for frites which is almost pronounced "fritz"

Great place - enjoy yourself - wish I was joining you!

Ah Danke Lilotes!
Much appreciated, I know a little bit of German, some basics from about year 8! But I really think i've grown up past the age of asking for an apple and a glass of orange juice...!
Its at Wertach, so I'll do some research!

Cheers again!

You are staying at Wertach then, just down the road from Oberjoch and Unterjoch, good slopes but small runs. Still enjoyable, if going to Oberjoch try the piste's away from the 6 man chair lift as they are aways empty and the parking is free.
If you are staying in the Alpine centre in Wertach, enjoy the 12 midnight curfews :lol: Saying that there is no need to drink beyond midnight when skiing, I know my head hurt for 10 days all during my skiing trip last week :wink:
Enjoy yourself.

Stand by for that thigh burn :)

BTW they have really thick accents down there so if you don’t understand with that yr8 German it is not your fault but that of a bunch leather trousers and felt hat wearing weirdos. Freistaat Bayern? Whatever! The world’s largest open air sanatorium. Good beer mind.

Oh, and we only have on Territorial Army thus TA.
I think you will enjoy it load's, I used to live in Kempten, a brill place. Wertach used to have an open air pool, not that you'll be using it while your there.

The Nebelhorn & Fellhorn mountain's are great for skiing on.

I live about 200k's away from where you are going to, and at the moment it's snowing that hard that the visibility is down to about 100m's.

Get a decent pair of goggle's, wolley hat and warm glove's and don't forget some decent sock's. If you are hiring the kit locally, it maybe a good idea to take some spray disinfectant for the boot's so that you don't catch any nasty infection's.

Murielson said:

Bugger - you just missed out. Could have done hours of research with this!!
Super place to visit. Why they think Ludwig was mad is beyond me. Absolute genius IMHO!

And we'd like a PXR, Buckethead. Don't be shy, warts and all, piccies too, if possible.

Just to upset all the Regulars who can't escape from the sandpit!

This is probably blindingly obvious to you guys, but what exactly is a PXR? :s

The weather forecast is not good, 30cm's of new snow between now & the weekend.

If you need transport you may want to give midnight a shout as that is his job these days.

Ah! Now I understand cheers!
Yep will try to do! Providing my camera holds out!

Looks like i'm in for a cold few days! :|
Aw well! Sure it'll all be fine :D

Don't worry, I was PS down on Ex Snow Queen many moon's ago, and when the weather is really bad you get to go sight seeing. No instructor worth anything will endanger his student's. You may even get to go to the disney castle.


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