Germany, Allgau Report!

Well, as some of you may know I asked for information and advice about going away with the army (well, in my case TA, but soon to be army!) and i'm just writing to say that it was amazing!

The area we went to was very picturesque. There was snow everywhere and on the days when the sky was clear the views you got were outstanding! Definitely a big change from the British countryside.

After taking in all the views, you've got the skiing part. Me, myself being quite a poor skier to start off with actually got put in lets say the remedial classes instead of ski-touring. It was mainly because I discovered I was incredibly scared of falling down steep mountain sides, (which is what happened the first time we went up the six-man chair lift and then down one of the steepest red runs...). I have to say though I benefitted a lot from the "left-legger" group, I managed to get the feel for it and apparently looked on good form!

The runs from the wiedhag were quite relaxed, some of them vaired in steepness, but once you got the hang of it, you learnt to ski properly at a faster speed. I actually got called the "speed demon" hehe!

We went skiing most days from 8.30 until 3.00 with a break at about 11 and lunch and 12.30. The days seemed to go a hell of a lot faster than the evenings. Where to be honest, this area of Germany let itself down. The area we stayed in was a quiet village - a settlement in which quite a few Germans came here to retire... This of course meant that most the night life was in our own bar or one other bar down the road - if a lot of squaddies came too! The beer came in pretty big glasses in most restaurants and pubs and usually cost between 1-1.5 euros - quite cheap! There was nothing much to do other than to chat with people on your course or play pool. Unless it was the Saturday where there was a quiz night. And yes there was a curfew stated, and when 5 people broke that curfew they got sent home!

It was a pretty decent trip all said and done. If you get a chance to go on it, it's definitely worth it!


p.s. I'll try to get some pictures posted, when they get developed etc..
Sorry, B_G, quite forgot about you in all the excitement! I liked the look of all that snow, so I dived off to France and enjoyed some of the best snow for years!

Thanks for the report, and I am pleased that you were able to experience one of the best exercises we run! Just remember that when you end up in the sandpit!

Having just come back from the last of the Snow Warrior exercises, I can thoroughly recommend it to everyone here. I thought that it might end up being pants as the snow was starting to disappear towards the end of the first week, but then on the middle weekend there was a large dump of powder that rescued things quite nicely. Conditions did not allow for Ski Touring, so it was 10 days of Alpine. Our instructor was a taskmaster - we certainly didn't get any breaks except for a quick lunch!
As B_G said, pretty quiet in the village, but not quiet enough, as one lad managed to get himself RTU'd after everyone was dragged out of bed at 0130 one morning as he had disappeared!
Just waiting for next years DIN to come out now...
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