Germans still sulking about ze var!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. Why does something automatically become bad just because it offends someone, usually the offended are ***** anyway.
  2. Questions questions, fvot are you, a policeman? You don't understand it was all like a bad dream, I am an old man now, please go avay aaaargh.
  3. Re. the rebuilding of the Dresden Cathedral;

    Of the project's overall cost of $215 million, roughly $120 million came from donations -- including a sizable amount from the United States and Britain*
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Lets face WSC was quite right, let those who sow reap the whirlwind (apologies if thats wrong) My Grandfather like many of his generation despite never having flown before joining, volunteered to take the fight to the enemy night after cold dark night. Sadly he didnt make it but his sacrifice and those of his comrades means the the sodding Mayor of Dresden isnt hanging from a Lampost with a Traitor to the Reich placard around his neck.
  5. I particularly admire the slightly bonkers german anarchist group who threw paper models of lancasters at the commeration of the dresden raids.
    who said geramns have no sense of humour
  6. Read a book recently 'tail End Charlies', title's name from memory. The closing chapter, those boys and Harris did not half get shafted when the war ended. Tragic, build it big, build it NOW, although its far to late for the lads who flew and supported them and the families of the day.
  7. Q: Wollt Ihr den totalen Krieg?
    A: Jaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Sieg Heil, usw, usf.

    You lose, pal. Now zip it.
  8. The men who flew for Bomber Command were real Heroes.I can not imagine how they went to one of the worst front lines night after night for months at a time,coming back if lucky to find which of your comrades bloody awful death or disappearance you didn't see, and then have to go again that night.Few if any of them wanted to do what they did or live with the scars, both Physical and Mental of their service. Any criticism of them by Public figures of the country that caused them to have to do their duty, to protect their home and it's people, is outrageous hypocrisy.
  9. So much for, not mentioning the war....... ****ing Germans, they don't know when to **** up after getting there hides tanned.

    If you can't take the kicking, don't hit the big boy in the school yard.
  10. They certainly did. Time to redress that national disgrace.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    That was a 'Bomber' Harris quote.
  12. **** 'em - if they can't take a joke they shouldn't have started a war.
  13. It is always easy to square away the essentially defensive actions of fighter command in the battle of britain as being neccesary, noble and "defensible"... actually that word speaks for a truth greater than itself... but that war could never be won but just defending. britain being an island, and the land forces being in a state of great unpreparedness, air strikes by bombers were the only feasible way of conducting the war.
    It is quite impossible to criticise the use of bombers from a present day stance, it all looked way different back then.
    when lefty people say "shouldnt the ministry of defence be called the ministry of attack " ... so what.. a fights a fight, sword and sheild their both weapons..
  14. So what is she moaning about? It's not like the statue is going to be erected in Dresden is it? :razz: