Germans still say they are superior.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tuffy52, Jan 28, 2012.

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  1. Hope that 'Glorius Bomb' is reading this?....just to remind him that it's not only the Brits who like fecking off the box heads.

    The Polish aren't too impressed either.

    Poland breaks EU taboo and mentions the war - Telegraph
  2. The Romans were a bit naughty too, as I recall from history lessons.
  3. We've forgiven the Romans. The Vikings too. The French, sort of. The only reason we haven't forgiven the Germans yet is that we're still jealous of the superior fashion sense of the SS.
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  4. Designed by none other than Hugo Boss I'll have you know. We had to put up with stuff made by Kangol - now reduced to making shit caps and seatbelts.
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  5. Sixty

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    Well to be fair, the Das Spiegel article was pretty much a carbon copy of every second post on here about the Costa Concordia; to wit 'If I went on a cruise I'd want the Captain to be a Brit or Scandinavian - you can't trust Italians, they're all cowards'
  6. Listen to the stories that Tropper has about them, mate...he was there!
  7. Schaden

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    you can't trust Italians, they're all cowards'

  8. Good on the Italians!

  9. He's got that 80s thing going on. Looks a bit like MiT...(anybody who attended his first meet should ping this one).

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  10. You wanna get onna my lifeboat? I smack you in dee kissah !
  11. Yup, German racism, no surprise there.........S.P.O.N. - Der Schwarze Kanal: Italienische Fahrerflucht - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Politik.....after the Paddington railcrash I had a clash with a German who wreckoned that it could never happen in Germany, because Germans were better engineers and reliable rail operators. Since the Enschede disaster and the interesting little crash of their high speed maglev train he's taken my advice and is keeping his fucking trap shut.

    The surprise is that the Spiegel has a seemingly Nazi columnist.
  12. Bad eggs the lot of them.
  13. Have they donated to H4H, by way of payment for ghost-writing services rendered?
  14. I'll get the keys to the Lancaster!
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