Germans shoot down drone using frikkin Laser

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Turret_Monster, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Hmm, 50Kw though, not sure my Owl energy monitor would approve!
  2. I knew it. They've been too quiet for too long those Germans.

    However since the Green Party is part of any German Political Coalition they can only use it when the wind farm is working.
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  3. "The system, which uses two laser weapons, was also used to cut through a steel girder more than a mile away."

    Sounds a bit Hollywood to me , then says "
    Rheinmetall plans to test its laser weapons mounted on different vehicles and to integrate a 35mm revolver cannon into it." so why would you need that with such a lethal laser , so long as the battery didnt go flat.
  4. 50KW? do me a favour. Uncle Sam fielded ABL, (Airborne Laser) some time ago. That is a megawatt chemical laser firing in the deep IR and mounted in a highly modded Boeing 747. Uncle Sams Army was experimenting with ground based kilowatt lasers in the 80s. Herman may be just a tad behind the drag curve.
  5. This ****ing hermannic death ray, it wouldn't have been an 88mm diameter beam by any chance?
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  6. Yes but they use a 5.6 Litre V8 engine to do a max 55 mile an hour trip on bad roads to the shops!
  7. A platoon armed with SLRs and supported by Harriers would soon kick its bottom.
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  8. can it do three rounds a minute in any weather? i dont think so matey
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  9. Better than doing 70mph in a tiny little shit box with expensive fuel I suppose....:)

    The 55mph national limit was revoked waaaay back in early 90's.
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  10. You guys just keep's been about 50yrs since the last big "party."


  11. Eh, 70 mph! I live in Germany and 55 is all your cars and roads are fit for!
  12. If that fails a simple air burst EMP, night night Mr disco beam

    Then the harriers and SLR's will operate without hinderance on digitally free battlefield
  13. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    From the point of view of a ship's close in air defence a laser AA gun is holy grail stuff. Make it work and you can dispense with all that heavy ammunition and the ammunition handling gear, and the people to handle the ammunition, and the need to replenish ammunition at sea. Granted you will need some sort of rather sexy generator, but there is probably still a big weight saving, and flexibility of siting, and less need to absorb shock in the ship's structure. Tactically there is a further gain as by eliminating the time of flight of a shell or missile you can obtain a kill at the same range with a later detection - particularly important against sea-skimmers of close inshore.

    Mind you one would miss that irreplaceable whiff of burnt cordite.
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  14. You can keep Germany. I will enjoy my (relatively) cheap gas and thousands of miles of driving freedom - I can afford it.

    And you would be very surprised (or not) how good the current crop of American cars are.....also I can actually afford to buy that fast German car, unlike most Germans who built it. ;P