Germans Investigate Sausage Murder

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. LOL

    I have dreams about administering my Bockwurst (large sausage) to a feisty Frauleine
  2. :slow:
  3. is this similar to the old "Goodies" sketch for the black pudding martial art of "Eckie Thump"............classic.
  4. I hope the Polizei use some common Senf in this case.
  5. I suppose it was the Wurst he could do.
  6. Oh very good!!! :D
  7. They'd had an argument.

    She had caught him trying to Frick Adella.
  8. Rumour is she was trying to opt out of PAYD.
  9. Hope they didn't have children.

    The Pitta of tiny feet.
  10. According to the Polizei, the sausage (bockwurst) was not entirely consumed.

    The husband was bound over to keep the piece.
  11. A strange case. I wonder what the outcome will be.

    I'm looking forward to it with relish.
  12. Apparently there had been sexual interference.

    Toed in the hole?
  13. Have the police linked the sausage to any other crimes?
  14. Not sure but they are as keen as mustard.