Germans Investigate Sausage Murder

Not_Whistlin_Dixie said:
From Reuters.

Dateline: Frankfurt.

A man was arrested on suspicion of murder following the discovery of the body of a woman in Zwickau who was killed with a Bockwurst sausage.

"German suspected of murdering woman with sausage"
Fri Jun 9, 2006 11:09 AM BST
is this similar to the old "Goodies" sketch for the black pudding martial art of "Eckie Thump"............classic.
I hope the Polizei use some common Senf in this case.
I suppose it was the Wurst he could do.
They'd had an argument.

She had caught him trying to Frick Adella.
Hope they didn't have children.

The Pitta of tiny feet.
According to the Polizei, the sausage (bockwurst) was not entirely consumed.

The husband was bound over to keep the piece.
A strange case. I wonder what the outcome will be.

I'm looking forward to it with relish.
Apparently there had been sexual interference.

Toed in the hole?
Not sure but they are as keen as mustard.
Maybe if he had taken the bockwurst out of the jar or tin?

Just a thought.
That's the trouble with the law.

There's always wieners and losers.
Good job it wasn't a bratwurst.

He'd be accused of trying to curry favour.

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