Germans in changing rooms

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by loubella, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. Having just read the thread on gays in changing rooms I was reminded of the one question I never managed to get answered during my time in Germany - Why do Germans (men and women) tend to put their knickers/pants on last when getting dressed?

    I personally tend to favour a knickers on first approach and think that there is nothing odder than getting dressed next to someone who has bra, top, socks and on some occasions shoes and is drying her hair or doing makeup with no pants or trousers on.

    Does anyone know why?

    Is it only me that finds this odd?
  2. The only person I've ever seen who puts their underpants on last was Superman, is he German?
  3. no just confused
  4. Superman did have a German style sideparting.

  5. perhaps you might have a picture of this phenomena

    to help me err ahem understand it better
  6. Superman is dead.
  7. It makes perfect sense - hopeful of a shag until the last possible item of clothing.

    I dress in this order

    shirt (etc)

    Always make a point of leaving my watch on the sofa and not by the bed, so's I have to walk naked past the missus.

    This morning she just said "I thought I'd pressed that shirt"

  8. Because the raw meat that is very prominately in German food leads to cases of the runs therefore the last thing you want in the way is a load of cloaths!
  9. Just out of interest, which dishes are you referring to?

    I can't offhand think of any German dishes with raw meat, smoked/cured yes, but raw?
  10. (For this to be funny, you gotta remember - I'm in a wheelchair)

    Fancy dress party, I'm wearing a Superman t-shirt.
    "Cool t-shirt" pipes up septic
    "T-shirt?" I replied, "I'm in fancy dress - I've come as Christopher Reeves!"
    Cue septic's departure.... :)
  11. :worship: lol
  12. Next fancy dress party you attend, try the 'New Adventures of Superman' and cock your head a little to the side,adopting the internationally recognised 'tongue under bottom lip' gesture of the spaz,and dribble.
  13. Glesga_short_bloke,fecking brilliant ! I will have to do likewise at next party
  14. Maybe the two of you can get together for a ARRSE version of this years comic releif song???
  15. now THAT i'd buy!!