Germans get ze hump

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ugly, Jul 3, 2013.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Spotted this whilst reading a link in another thread;English swear word enters German dictionary - Telegraph
    The best bit has to be DB the German rail operator issuing a 2000 word pamphlet of German words to be used in preferrence to English ones.
    I do find it faintly ridiculous on many levels, one that they have the hump about their language evolving as if English has never used any French or German words let alone Hindi and also the fact that they really would have a fit if they tried to understand squaddie german, fick meine alter stieffel!
    I will be preparing a run of bumper stickers for thos visiting the fatherland or going sausage side as its now known, the most popular one being "Mein Opa Hat Bombadiert Ihre Schnell Imbiss!"
    Alles uber der platz as they say in Bad Naffi.
  2. That report is part of the deception plan.

    This is what is really happening.

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  3. Brilliant, Brilliant
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  4. Nowt new there:
  5. Apparently if you work at it then it doesn't cost anything, free in fact.
  6. Last time Krauts set up any sort of Camp they got rather carried away....

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  7. Contrary to popular belief, the Germans do have a sense of humour. Work doesn't make you free. The subtle swine.
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  8. I was once told a translation of a German joke, it went something like this-
    Q. What does one flower say to another flower when it wishes to make love?
    A. Let us fetch the bee.

    The weird thing is, I find it unaccountably hilarious. Really.
  9. Do you ever leave the house?
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  10. Idontgeddit.

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  11. Hindi? Surely you mean Hindustani?
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  12. Once upon I time I was dragged to this place by well meaning friends who wanted to show me that Germans really do have a sense of fun and humour

    Tigerpalast Varieté Theater Frankfurt- Home

    Maybe I was just unlucky, but that joke would have been the highlight.
  13. Some years ago I had a gang of Irish labourers working for me, one of them told this joke;

    A tramp was walking in a farmyard, when the farm dogs came out, he tried to pick up a stone to throw at them, but the stones were frozen to the ground. The tramp said "just my luck, the dogs are loose but the stones are fast"

    At this point the entire gang fell about in hysterics, I made my excuses and left.