Germans fighting for us in WW2

Don't know if anyone else picked up on this - couple of days old, so sorry if it's been done, but a rather touching story - I hadn't realised there were 10,000 of these people forced to make what must have been a pretty difficult choice - in some cases, at least. Probably not quite so difficult for a number of the Jewish refugees, but there are some who displayed serious moral fibre in their choices and actions.


Some good humour in it too: you can get a German to fight Hitler, but don't imply he can't build good toys:

He took part in the invasion of Sicily where the soldier was badly wounded in a Stuka dive bomb attack. Part of the shrapnel - “excellent German steel” as he put it - remains in his skull today.
Would also be fun to be able to claim that you shot Lord Haw Haw in the arrse...

Nice to see them being officially recognised after all this time.

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